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# 1InSwedenGirlsbl*wYou Mar 28 2010, 15:54 PM
I got bbc2 yesterday and made an account so I could go online, and so I did for a couple of hours, but when I was trying to log in again I had forgotten which e-mail address I was using so I spamming some of y e-mail addresses + PW's, that did work so I tried making a new profile, but that didn't work either since you had to put in your serial code, on the back of your manual. Then I could from Ea.com get my PW changed, but when I try to log in I have to put in my serial key, but then it says "Serial code already used on another profile".

Plz give some help

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# 2William Judd Mar 28 2010, 17:16 PM
Go to the EA Support site and open a support ticket with them, explaining the situation. They've been awesome whenever I've talked to them, so give it a try.

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# 3-Spartan`II7^ Mar 29 2010, 11:11 AM
It should go without saying that you should remember the email adress you use to make the account wacko.gif

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