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Company of Heroes

4Pio Start T2-T3 Anti British Strat

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# 101tastelikecrab Oct 3 2010, 12:17 PM
I've had to quit gaming all together, but thinking of getting back to it. Have there been any major patch changes?

I noticed the companyofheroesgame site is now all about the CoHO

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# 102SemInt Oct 5 2010, 15:39 PM
Still 2.6(01). As far as I know, more respectable people play CoH instead of that CoH Online crap.

Don't know what it has to do with thread though (apart from the fact that you started it tongue.gif ). On-topic: strat still works fine. ^^

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# 103kem1kal Mar 20 2011, 22:52 PM
Hey guys. Guessing this will be the final 2.601 replay I put in here. Nothing too special of a game. Blowlands in all its glory. Shows that all you really need is a few Grens, a Pak, and a Mortar vs lower level Brits. This guy wanted me to post this, because he accuses me of "manpower hacking". Good for a laugh. Anyways... TastelikeCrabs... you need to come back. New patch will be great =) ~ kemikal

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# 104JackBauregad Mar 21 2013, 15:19 PM
Is this strategy in the current patch still playable? Or do I have to adjust it a little? If so what would i have to change?

Please excuse my bad english and the digging of this old metusalem of a post. ;-)

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# 105djw2104 Mar 23 2013, 13:36 PM
This appears to be from a prvious patch. I believe that the current practice is still 5 pio to T2 for WM versus British.

However, when I ocassionally play, I prefer to try T1 to T2 "Blitz" doctrine. But I am only a poor player, so the other members will provide you with some better information.

Good luck.


Try this link for an alternative strategy.

Also this one may also be of help.

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# 106Doop Mar 23 2013, 14:14 PM
after having some maddening trouble versus medicore (lvl10-13) british players, i chanced upon this strategy, and hell! i can't consider it outdated or without use. i play it without much need for variation before tier 3 - though i have gotten some excellent returns out of investing in a mortar and/or a halftrack

OPing that muni sector and avoiding any long conflicts before at least one flamethrower is the absolute best way to start off, i think! and make use of your mobility. it's nice to be able to outcap initially, after playing against americans so often

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# 107tastelikecrab Dec 28 2017, 16:15 PM
Returned to CoH recently after a very long hiatus. I'm finding Pios die quickly these days even with vet 3. I believe some time ago they moved the elite armour from vet 2 to vet 3. Has elite armour been removed entirely now? Could just be my waning micro skills but I get the distinct feeling pios have been nerfed in the steam version.

Wondering what the go-to is with brits these days? I find them more annoying than ever.

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