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# 1fastAiR Nov 17 2019, 02:51 AM
is so effective in zh, im not talking about sending techs down flanks. But actually flanking an enemy army so you attack it from its weakest/thinnest side instead of taking on their army on its longest front. Its funny when the enemy realises what you are doing and try to out flank you at the same time which almost results in the whole engagement rotating like a cart wheel biggrin.gif

You either have no clue what im talking about or you do, if so any particular miliatary manouvres u find urself using? If you dont know any you should look there will be some you do use without realising it, and the application is the same
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# 2HanDofDooM^ Nov 17 2019, 09:58 AM
In almost every competetive online game I've played, flanking is a big part of the core.
With flanking comes the element of surprise, and that element is intensified if the flank is done right, aka where the enemy is most weak as you mentioned in your post.

Now in ZH flanks can be hard to achieve sometimes, especially if your opponent is a GLA with tunnels everywhere, however against a USA or China your chances of succeeding are much higher.

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