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# 81The Poet Feb 16 2012, 18:21 PM

Demo for ME3.....

I so enjoyed the demo, I considered playing through ME1 & ME2 a 5th time before game release... impossible though, only a month away...

and I have Skyrim to plug away at for many many more hours.... once again, I've forgotten the main story in an Elder Scroll game and only seem to do side quests; however, the side quests seem more relevant to the main story than Oblivion did.

Back to ME3 >>>>
My hopes of playing as Liara is dashed.
Maybe I'll play as an Asari in the Multi-play....
I mam really looking forward to regretting some decisions I made in ME1 and ME2....
I don't mind the Omni-saber as much as I thought I would, can make close combat more feasible now...
Only disappointment w/ demo is I couldn't get my hands on a sniper rifle (played as Infiltrator). I really want to snipe with the Widow again....

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth

# 82lelderlAp0C Mar 6 2012, 06:32 AM
I mam really looking forward to regretting some decisions I made in ME1 and ME2....

Choice and freedom in your gameplay.....

The ability to play YOUR way.....

The biggest load of malarkey ever dished down my throat? Probably.

So I made 1 or 2 choices in the previous game, that changes a few 2 minute long cut scenes in the subsequent game. BIG DEAL!

How about Bioshock? Moral choice they told me.

S0 making the choice if a few girls die or not, I get a different 4 minute ending.....wow groundbreaking stuff here.

How about Fallout3? You get to make moral decisions based on karma. If you have bad karma vigilantes chase you, if you have good karma mercenaries chase you. When it is all said and done it all boils down to the name of the people shooting at you.

The ONLY game that I felt really has amazing choices and decisions is Dragon Age. You had so much in depth decision and reactions amongst companions , and it actually affected gameplay with combat bonus with different companions.

Dragon Age will go down in history...

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# 83The Poet Mar 31 2012, 17:27 PM
You might be right there Ap0c. Choices made ultimately had little or no affect other than different characters being dead or alive. I felt that the endings were not too far different. I did enjoy the dialogue shifts but the "choice-making" did not have enough variance to really impress me as much as I had hoped. I did enjoy playing ME3 though. The series had a cinematic feel to it and I enjoyed that.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth


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