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# 121remosu37 Aug 8 2017, 21:09 PM
Here's 3 sample games vs. PE. I've had a string of games vs. Wehr, so I've been struggling to come up with a good sample vs. PE.
First one's not the best example, as I win very quickly (7 mins) against an opponent that tries a cheap trick that blows up in his face. But it shows my points about aggression, rapid capping, and harassment.
2nd one is a bit longer, but still pretty short--quick aggressive push to M8, followed by some defense and opportunistic offense.
3rd one is probably the best one to watch--shows a strong mid game with M8/ATG usage, countering ATHT, etc.

FYI, I've recently been toying with changing up my BO vs. PE--I've been trying the following:

Engie x4
[AB or Rifle]

Start vs. PE--fundamentally the same as the prior BO except 4 engies, only 2-3 rifles. Jeep for harassing Kettles.

Both work in similar ways. I think watching the vid may be helpful.
Attached File sample_vs_per8gameminorversiongamemajorversiongameversion301.44802_022117_101254matchna.rec
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Number of downloads: 11
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Remosu37 1
dtumandda 2

Attached File sample_2r8gameminorversiongamemajorversiongameversion301.44802_022117_101254matchna.rec
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Remosu37 1
potato 2

Attached File sample_3r8gameminorversiongamemajorversiongameversion301.44802_022117_101254matchna.rec
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Remosu37 1
FlueggeFighter 2

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