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RelicCoH.English.ucs file request

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# 1cruc1al Feb 18 2012, 17:20 PM

Some mods messed up my game, and now all the menu's are messed up.
I've read somewhere that it's the "RelicCoH.English.ucs" file that got
corrupted ( language file,if i understood correctly ), and that it can be
fixed with replacing the corrupted .ucs file with a clean one.
So i'm wondering if anyone would be kind enough to upload that file for me,
so i don't have to download the whole game again (over 9GB on 200kbps speed post-13661-1143531603.gif ).

The file is located in "company of heroes\CoH\Engine\Locale\English" folder.
Please make sure you upload the file only if your language is english,and that the
game version is 2.602

Thanks in advance smile.gif

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