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The Kettenkrad

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# 1war-ops Mar 21 2017, 02:32 AM
One thing that has really irritated me lately is the Kettenkrad's wide range of important abilities. By default, it's fast, has a large range of sight, captures points, and reveals mines and snipers. And it only costs 165 manpower. Even with all those abilities at such a low cost, I would be willing to tolerate it. But where I draw the line is its "camouflage" ability. Granted, this isn't a default ability, but it's still unbalanced when combined with the plethora of other abilities it has by default. Not only is it unbalanced, but it's patently ridiculous when viewed in the context of this game's ostensible commitment to realism. Now I understand that the game isn't meant to be 100% realistic, but abilities should still have SOME basis in reality which this one does not. There is simply no way to argue that a motorcycle should be able to effectively disappear within plain sight of ground troops. That isn't "camouflage", it's a magic trick. And unlike a sniper, it doesn't move painfully slow while it's camouflaged. It can effectively vanish right before your eyes and then make a relatively quick escape. I'm sorry but that defies common sense. I do not how they can justify all those important abilities in one measly little unit. I would even go so far as to say that the Ketten is the most powerful unit in terms of its cost. For 165 manpower, you get the speed and scouting ability of a jeep; the mine detection ability of an engineer with a minesweeper; probably the best range of sight of any unit in the game; the capping power of riflemen; AND the invisibility of a sniper without the painfully slow movement! By comparison, those units cost 220 manpower (jeep), 140 manpower and 35 munition (engineer with minesweeper), 270 manpower (riflemen), and 340 manpower (sniper). I'm not saying it's worth all those units combined. I'm just giving a list of all the units you would need in order to have the same abilities as a single Ketten. Some might respond by saying that the Ketten has no attack and is vulnerable to attack, which is true. But as I already noted, it's VERY cheap so that isn't much of a downside. In summary, I get really frustrated having to worry about a single little unit that can reveal my mines and my snipers with ease, spy on my base and units with little difficulty, cut off my supply lines quickly and effectively, disappear into thin air, and even push my ground troops around while they're in a firefight. And that doesn't even address the other abilities it acquires while using different company commanders (booby traps and repair) which both cost NOTHING.

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# 2DesertDust Mar 22 2017, 16:52 PM
Yeah, it is stupid, but nothing will change in that matter. Whole balance between US and PE is meh, and you could mention much more than that, starting from too-small upkeep, small-arms-proof soldier armor, fast Armored Car without counter on the US side, Hetzers without upkeep. And G43, of course.

It is my favourite picture:


Looks like a poor joke.

"Once i have lost a lot of units as PE. Do you know what i did?

I've made new ones."


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# 3regnar1194 Sep 12 2017, 11:33 AM
LOL PE is such a terrible faction, and if you can't beat them in their current form, you should really examine your level of play. You could give the Kett a nuclear bomb and PE would still lose

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# 4piwawsky Sep 18 2017, 10:26 AM
hello war-ops and welcome to the forums.
I agree pretty much with all you have written - ketten can go invisible with luft, caps fast, moves fast and has a large detection radious.
But don't forget that it has no weapon at all.
If pe player doesn't sant to sweep mines with their faces he must have that 1 poor ketten near the place where he suspects mine is.
Usually pe player has 1 or 2 kettens at the most and they can't be at all places at the same time, while us player usually has more engies.
About detection radius (snipers), there's nothing you can do about it. If you fear ketten will spot and detect your sniper, and AC will run it down, have rifles nearby with stickies and lay mines on choke-points.
Invisible kettens are annoying yes and also luftwaffe is the most used PE doctrine.
But they are also voulnerable and if PE player "shit-caps" and doesn' pay much attention, engies kill kettens in a matter of 10 seconds. Every other unit even much faster.

So take it as it it, game is 10 years old and there will probably never be any more patches.
US vs PE is very interesting matchup and I would dare to say a very balanced one.
PE have some very strong units but also most of them have "paper" armor. So they must be microed properly.
AC can do a lot of damage for instance but it can also die very fast to ordinary rifle fire.
G43s can be a pain in the ass for rifles but flamers, nades or strafe counter g43 blob easily.
Late game panthers can pose a real threat but with stickies, couple of mines and a few stickies you should be good.

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# 5Darc Reaver Sep 18 2017, 14:40 PM
We're continuing patch support for vCoH and OF on CoH on Eastern Front now since our steam release in june.


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