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# 1IISpartacus Nov 12 2015, 22:21 PM
Greetings Commanders! As you likely have noticed, we've just announced the revamped Awards System here on GameReplays! If you somehow missed the global announcement, please be sure to read up on the details here.

We will be reviewing applications for awards to be applied to your account retroactively. This means, if you did tons of notable and award winning things here, then we can be sure you are recognized for them. Please note that this process is lengthy on the administration side of things, so here are the detailed instructions (including example posts) for how you may apply for retroactive awards.

Please note that due to the amount of time that is required to investigate each application, we will only consider candidates for awards that have done the due diligence to follow the instructions listed below.


To request an Award that's retroactive, please do so using the following template. Try to request all awards in the same post in order to avoid clutter. Proof of each request is required, no proof no award. As we apply them we'll add a moderation note to the bottom of your post explaining the decision and/or asking for further information.

Name of Award :
Current Award Level : {1-10 or "missing"}
Requested Award Level :
Provide links as proof :

and so on ...


Please note that the responsibility of finding and providing the necessary information to review these applications falls on the individual requesting the award(s). Only requests which provide properly documented evidence for each individual claim will be considered. If no evidence is provided, the request will be discarded.

To find information regarding the currently available awards, be sure to check out this topic. Please only apply here for awards for Tiberium Wars, and it is EXTREMELY important that you put all of your requests for retroactive awards together in the same post.

Thank you all for taking the time to read up on this, and for your inevitable patience while we begin the lengthy process of researching and applying retroactive awards! We hope you enjoy this new/revamped recognition system and further enjoy your time here on GameReplays!

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