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Age of Empires 4

Launch Day

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# 1dukejason Oct 28 2021, 14:57 PM
Hey guys,

I am your admin for Age of Empires 4. If you need any help in real time, you can find me on the gamereplays discord. I plan to get a copy of aoe 4 later on today and will begin to play single-player. You can expect single-player guides asap. We will have support for replays on GR.org, hopefully that will come together this week. Use this forum as your own for anything related to AOE 4.



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# 2-Netput Oct 29 2021, 15:53 PM
Looking forward to the section. Hopefully it takes off

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# 3Boblasagne Oct 30 2021, 01:26 AM
Hi all,
The game is magnificent.
The solo is grandiose ...
In skirmishes, I'm easily beaten by easy AI,
I'm really bad ... laugh.gif laugh.gif

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