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# 1nothing exists Jan 1 2012, 04:17 AM
gotta love how game replays is in support of the producers of the game beyond the gamers themselves or the game itself, to the extent of being against the gamers if the developers of the games were, i just wonder to what extent.

rather than having say a neutral or indifferent position on the issue of gamers and developers in conflict.

this post will no doubt be removed as GR takes itself more seriously than it's users.

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# 2TheWord Jan 1 2012, 13:23 PM
You need to lay off the sauce dude, your posts make no sense.

Moved to mess hall just because I can. numchuks.gif

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# 3Birk Jan 1 2012, 19:45 PM
It won't get removed because you actually posted it in the right forum... oh wait Word moved it.

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