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IMPORTANT! How to postpone correctly!

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# 1Kryo Jun 9 2008, 18:31 PM
We had the problem now 2 or 3 times, I think.

How to postpone your playday (like said in rules, but as some didn't understand):

1. Make a Thread in this forum, the title has to say which clans and which divisions, and which playday for best overview! 24h before the playday starts, at least!

2. Send a PM here in Forums to the opponent team leader, to me or to Grumbll, if it is div 2! also 24h before the playday starts, at least!

3. Try to get the opponent leader and one of the TD within GPGnet. You can also get me in Xfire => vowkryo, timmyfred is in xfire as well.

1. & 2. are absolutely necessary, 3. is only if possible, as not each saturday each team leader is online. But this forum here should be read by any teamleader once on saturday and once in sunday morning, and once right b4 the tourney.

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