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Common problems and solutions

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# 1Emblis Mar 15 2010, 14:18 PM
The replay is not showing up on the in game replay list, but it was uploaded recently and there have been no recent patches!

This is most likely because the replay is a DLC replay and you do not have the DLC installed. To find out if the replay in question is a DLC replay, check its extension. None DLC replay looks like this: ReplayName.sc2replay while replays that are DLC have the ReplayName.sc2replaydlc. So you can not watch the replay if you do not have the DLC pack installed.

Supreme Commander 2 crash when I try to start it, join a game, or just at random!

First of all, make sure all your drivers are up to date, especially graphic and processors. Remember to restart your computer after updating. If you still have the same problem, reinstall SupCom2 and use the recommended install options. Failing that, contact the official tech support.

Game sometimes just shut down. When I try to restart it, it says that Supreme Commander 2 is already running!

I also experience this from time to time. As far as I know, there are not any solution to this at the moment. However, I have found a workaround. When this happen, open the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete on your keyboard. Open the tab Processes (not applications) and find the process named "Supreme Commander 2.exe" and end it. When it disappear from the list you should be able to restart Supreme Commander 2.

My replays wont save and when I try to download a replay I cant find it in the games replay list!

This problem should have been solved with the latest patch. However, if you for some reason have an older version of the game, this is because Windows to not allow odd characters in folder and file names. Change your steam user name to something simple. Now, there should not be any problem.

When I watch a replay, it seams out of sync, units are missing, die for no reason or just appear from nothing.

This is most likely because your game and the replay are not from the same version of the game. Get a newer replay. If you still have this problem and you are sure that the version of the replay match with your game version, try to reinstall the game using the recommended settings. If it still do not work, wait for the next patch. And if it still just wont work, try to contact official tech support.

If all else fail, use a hammer.

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# 2Emblis Oct 27 2010, 23:29 PM
Just threw in a little update about the DLC, hopefully we will have slightly less posts about those.

Cheers <3

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