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# 1jdlev Jan 28 2015, 13:19 PM
Since I can't seem to crack a level 5, I was looking for some advice on the things top Panzer Elite players do in almost every game. Right now, here are the rules I pretty much live by each time I play:

1) 2 Kettenkrad's to start - scorched earth - and booby trap critical points
2) Build 3-5 squads then Logistics
3) Try to get a vampire on their most important fuel source early on
4) Against the brits always and most times against americans, I'll always go for early AT with treadbreaker
5) Always try to get def. op, 4 man squad, and flamer nades.

I know people will probably knock me for using pretty much nothing but scorched, but I haven't found the other doctrines to be anywhere near as useful. The only time I would even remotely wish I had tank busters is when the american's rush tanks and have that f'n repair ability. It makes the tank busters all but worthless, and the just run me down. Having two shreks then per squad could come in handy.

What do you guys think?

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# 2c0mpl3x1ty Feb 3 2015, 16:11 PM
Holy shit dude 2 kett open with kett traps into 5 pgrens and a logistics vampire. Do you have to buy special underwear for balls the size you've got?

The thing is, pgrens are usually outclassed by rifleblobs early-on, and basically you're going to be asking to get strafed at some point if the first vehicle you put out is a vampire after 3-5 pgrens. Especially with an infantry-heavy doctrine like scorched earth.

In your step 3 you say that you try to get a vampire on their important fuel early-on, but the obvious issue here is that if the vampire is coming out after 3-5 squads, it's not early. In fact, it's midgame. Usually americans can get their fast m8 around this time, or can net enough pgren kills to start racking up rifleman vet.

Tank hunter doctrine is literally the best one all around, basically because offmap AT units are pretty broken. Teller one-shots are also generally great insurance against fast M8/M10. However, I would encourage you to do luftwaffe for advanced repair and work on the fast AC strategy.

gren->gren->kett->gren->gren->gren->t2->t3->AC->t4->ATHT->MTHT->get tech related to panthers.

This is the bread and butter PE strat. You should get your first luftwaffe after the AC hits the field. Capping should focus on fuel. Learn to micro your AC so you don't lose it.

Scorched Earth is a great strategy but it's situational and kind of gimmicky. It definitely falls apart after any armor hits the field.

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# 3djw2104 Feb 3 2015, 19:08 PM
This topic is in the wrong section. Moving to PE Strategy forum.

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# 4szewc_svd Mar 12 2015, 15:16 PM
AD.1 I prefer shwimm to kett, placing mines and flame traps is good. and they don't gave time to avoide them.
AD.2 better 2-3 squads then T1/T2 otherwise it will be late.
AD.3 vampire after 3-5 squads is late. early one its better to invest in more offensive units
AD.4 Vs brits AT is good when u are going to pin some trucks or expect fast m8 from amies. Otherwise go for flamenades/deff ops or t3 and assult rifles.
AD.5 good option when U are epecting prolonged inf fights. otherwise tech to panthers or mechanised supprt(P4, MHT, IHT+shrecks).

For battle order, early going either for IHT support (best way against brits IMHO) or fast AC.

for fast AC and T1>T4 build tankhunter doctrine is best, to call in AT.

fast shrecks are almost always good idea vs brits. becouse of fast stuart/forward trucks.

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# 5Lando Feb 12 2017, 16:34 PM
I almost never use Scorched Earth on a 1v1 anymore. Hummels take too long, and if you want sector then you have to buy the 360mp squads because you don't want to waste the ammo upgrading vanilla grens. Sector is really nice, but the opportunity has to be there.

What I learned to do against Americans is 4xgrens>t2>t3>AC>Upgrade to Shrecks>Fast Capture>AC
After this it depends on how well my grens can handle what ever vehicles the americans decide to throw at me. I usually get one marder just to be safe and move on to t4. I don't really know, this is usually the part of the game where I start to lose. If I get three AC's and supplement them with a wirbelwind then I have a chance. It's like the only way to stop American blobs, you just need to kite so you don't lose any of the vehicles. Once the blob takes enough losses you can retreat. When the Americans get smart and start chasing you with tank destroyers hopefully your marder is on point and maybe you have a flak88 at this point. The only tough spot is dealing with their AT guns. If you use the ketten then you can cloak it and scope out the AT guns and your flak 88 can hit them. You can also use a mortar half track, but they are fuel heavy and are easily flanked by other AT guns when you target one of them. You can charge them with grens, but if they are covered by mgs+snipers/mortars than you're basically just draining your manpower. It's tough.

Brits seems to be a lot easier for me. I go gren>gren>t1>sc>sc>t2>iss>shrecks>Tankbustersx4>mortar>t4>atht
Then I just make a bunch of Hotchkiss tanks with stukas. I use hit and run tactics with the tank busters to eat away at the british emplacements and trucks, and when the mob comes after me I just hit it with mortars and stoke rockets. If he goes mob heavy, stick to stukas, if he goes tank heavy or even if he takes out one stuart, its safer to make one hetzer so it doesn't one shot all your squads. The Hetzer is junk without back up, so if you keep the mortar in the outfield and the atht playing short stop you usually have a fair amount of strength if you get rushed by infantry or couple tanks. You can tread break one tank and then send your grens towards it for later, use your hetzer to kill off the second tank before it gets behind you. don't forget to back up if he keeps moving in.

These tactics work for me sometimes, but I feel like they need improving upon, so just experiment with it, I'm not very good. I average level 5 between 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 as PE

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# 6jdlev Jun 10 2017, 05:20 AM
Thanks for the advice guys. Does anyone actually use the hotchkiss? Beyond speed, I've never thought it was worth a damn compared to the infantry tank. Sure you can upgrade the gun or rockets...but neither do much damage and the rockets are never even remotely accurate.

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# 7piwawsky Jun 12 2017, 21:07 PM
you already very rarely see PIV being used in high level games, hotchkiss almost never.
I think PIV is much more verstaile tank as hotchkiss as it can effectively counter anything except tanks.
Once I killed M10 from up close with "rapid fire ability". wink.gif

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