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# 1Leikeze Jun 8 2020, 13:46 PM
This topic is purely for asking questions directly towards the Expert Players of CNC 3/KW/RA3/CCG/ZH. In this topic you can feel free to ask any question regarding Tiberian Dawn or competitive online play to any of the experts and get an answer for your question.

You can either direct your question towards a certain person or just leave a question open so that any Expert can give an answer to it.

Topic rules:
  • You are allowed to ask a question and receive any amount of answers from the Experts.
  • Questions are not to be answered by other community members, you only post in this topic to ask a question and nothing else. If you want answers from anyone, just make a regular topic. This is designed so that Experts can easily view a player's question and answer it.
  • If you are not an Expert only use this topic for asking questions, don't use it for disagreeing and arguing. If you want a big discussion, create a new topic or await the creation of a strategy forum.
  • No stupid questions, forum rules still apply in this topic.
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