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Generals 2

You like ccg/zh ? Goto coh2 NOW !

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# 1jujusback4you Jan 23 2014, 23:18 PM
Hi all,

Since generals 2 is no more, i decided to check if the is a good rts any where...COH2 FTW !

Seriously, it's intense micro (fuck macro, i'm a c&c player, i hate intense macro! Yeah sc2 die plz.)

Very deep in term of strategy (too long to explain, youtube is your friend...)

Unless you want to sleep before the new c&c, test coh2 ! Low price (mine was 15) and at least good as zh !

See you somewhere...Soon or later wink.gif

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Game: Company of Heroes 2

# 2triumph Jan 24 2014, 07:58 AM

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# 3jujusback4you Jan 24 2014, 08:04 AM

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Game: Company of Heroes 2


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