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Windows Defender identifies gentools as Trojan

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# 1leex Dec 13 2020, 15:06 PM
since today my Windows Defender tells that the gentool DLL is a Crypt-Trojan:
IPB Image

Maybe this should be fixed cause not all will trust the file if such an PopUp opens...
I added to allow list and everything worked fine again.


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# 2McNuBtY Dec 14 2020, 14:49 PM
Had the exact same issue out of nowhere.

It was not after an install of GenTool or anything. Yesterday I played the game like normal, today I booted up and got the message above when starting Zero Hour (along with a DirectX 8 error, that I unfortunately did not screencap).

Just "allowing" this "threat" did unfortunately not entirely resolve the issue. ZH started normally again, but GenTool did not.

After re-installing GenTool it worked again.

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# 3arosa Dec 14 2020, 15:01 PM

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