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Supreme Commander 2

Strategic Differences Between PC and Xbox Versions

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# 1TobyHoof Dec 14 2012, 16:58 PM

Are there any differences in gameplay between the Supreme Commander 2 versions on the Xbox vs the PC that would have an impact on strategy? For example, watching game replays, it seems as though the PC version allows you to set up a queue of build orders and then the engineers/ACU will build them one after another. On the Xbox, if you set up a build order, it will always abandon whatever it's building and start on the latest command. Engineers will go back and finish building whatever they abandoned but it seems the ACU does not do this.

Also, in skirmishes, I always see people building tonnes of research facilites early on which, as I 've read on this forum, is not a good strategy / a good way to use early resources. I'm wondering if this is an Xbox thing.

Lastly, I've read elsewhere that since the ACU is no longer very powerful, he should be kept at the main base as he can now be overcome, for example, by a group of tanks. That conflicts with the video and posts here which show you how to use your ACU as a shield for your tanks in a tank vs tank ground battle. It seems risky and, again, I'm wondering if this strategy is affected by playing on the Xbox vs the PC.

Having played the console version, I now understand why people say RTS games aren't meant for consoles. Maybe I should consider going the PC route.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


P.S. Is there a search function on the forums that I'm missing? I'd like to do a "Xbox" search of the forums but can't find any search options.

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# 2redarrow7216 Dec 14 2012, 23:00 PM
I can't recall any topics about xbox vs pc over the past 2 years. So it's likely you dont find anything.

Huge impact the PC version has is.. DLC + a ton of updates. The entire eco system has changed how you spent your resources.. Also, you can't do the PD built/reclaim bug anymore on PC. Making games more fun and less cheaters.

The list would be too long to mention really.

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