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CNC Red Alert Remastered

Special Thanks for Making this Section Possible!

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# 1eXs.bikefan May 25 2020, 16:39 PM
Without the generous help of numerous people this section could not have been created. On behalf of GameReplays thanks to:
  • Blbpaws for giving GameReplays the permission to use images from their amazing The Red Alert mod launch trailer and The Red Alert mod Gameplay Trailer in portal and forum posts on GameReplays
  • ToxicShock for various work regarding setting up new section
  • Leikeze for creating needed images for the new section
  • FallenXE for promotion of new section through portal posts
  • Claymore for promotion of new section, recruitment of new staff members
  • Inspector RaGe for creating the default art for C&C Tiberian Dawn tournament portal and forum posts
  • XOUTH for the editing work on the main background image for new section
  • GETPILLSAGAINST for giving GameReplays the permission to include their Tesla Coil image into the section background image
  • subroutine for helping to code the new section.

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