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Battle for Middle Earth


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# 1LATINO Oct 22 2018, 13:04 PM
As said in the 2v2 post, if I was not able to reach 16 teams I would make it to 8.

So I decide to close the 2v2 Sign up and proceed to this.

To fill the 8th spot, the teams below will play against each other in a BO3.

Teams: Sadistic Fishes, SoldiersOrNot

Team with more wins will qualify.


Best of three

Maps : Drawn in advance (Wold, Druadan Forest, Anorien)

Match ups : Drawn in advance ( Gondor & Mordor / Rohan & Mordor/ Rohan & Isengard / Gondor Isengard / Mordor & Isengard / Gondor & Rohan)

If theres a tie (1-1), 3rd game must be neutral host.

This decision was made after asking to this teams their opinion).

The team eliminated will stay as backup in case one of the 7 teams can not play.

I will go live tonight and draw the MUs and Maps for this games.

I will also stream all this games Twitch.tv/LATINO19

Qualified teams
  • Zedwel netherlands algeria
  • Sons of Elendil sweden germany
  • Latin Kings ecuador argentina
  • SWeedKurwa sweden netherlands poland
  • Dunelix india germany
  • Royal Always Give Up norway albania
  • Bash Alliance france england
SoldiersOrNot germany croatia
Sadistic Fishes czechrepublic azerbaijan

Sadistic Fishes vs SoldiersOrNot Gondor Mordor vs Mordor Isengard MU G1: Wold
SoldiersorNot vs Sadistic Fishes Rohan Mordor vs Gondor Rohan MU G2 :Druadan Forest
Sadistic Fishes vs SoldiersOrNot - Gondor Mordor vs Gondor Mordor MU G3 : Druadan Forest

(Neutral host) : Spots > Left and Top (SoldiersOrNot) vs Right and Bot (Sadistic Fishess)


Thanks to Bwel for the 25$

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# 2ShaNks* Oct 28 2018, 19:22 PM

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Attached File MaraShanksVSFishySadiGame2.rep
Size: 251.07k
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Player Name Side Team
ShaNKs* 1
Fissy 2
Sadixov 2
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Player Name Side Team
Sadixov 1
Fissy 1
ShaNKs* 2

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth

# 3Fishy Oct 28 2018, 19:38 PM
well deserved. the throws were spectacular

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