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October 2v2 qm month - FINAL REPORT

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# 1RP0 Nov 1 2018, 07:02 AM
Hello fellow BFME nerds.

Its my bitter-sweet privilege to announce that the first 2v2 qm month experiment has finally been concluded. From all accounts it was a successful month, albeit we didn’t reach my goal of 500 total games tongue.gif. There were also various disagreements, between certain players (the usual suspects XD) throughout the month. Nothing to write home about though. Everything was resolved and the bad blood is in the past. We are as strong as ever as a community and are looking forward to finish the year strong with the 1v1 and 2v2 major championships which are currently underway.

Main Stats:
Top 3:
1. EM1NEM (Stiwie) – 3373 pts(63/28)
2. Fingolfin (Orange) – 3276 pts(83/56)
3. Almighty (Latino) – 3272 pts(44/25)
Top 3 most active:
1. Elite (RP0) – 169 games
2. Bihatch (Anon) – 149 games
3. Fingolfin (Orange) – 139 games

Total nr of games: 320
Average nr games/day: 10+
Total nr of players: 28
Total nr of players (over 10 games): 18
Nr players that tasted the peak of mount everest (nr 1 spot): 6 (EM1NEM, Saitama, Almighty, Elite, NaturKraftwerk, CheatToWin)
Most consecutive wins: 10 - NaturKraftwerk(Oats) – Only player with 10 win streak medal XD (job offers left and right if he puts that on cv)

Congratulations to Stiwie for snatching the nr 1 spot. Judging from the amount of time he spent at the top during the month and win/loss record, he clearly deserved to be officially crowned the first 2v2 qm month winner (the new qm tongue.gif).

Big Thank you to all the players that played at least 1 game during this month. I hope you enjoyed being part of this experiment as much as i did.

Final rankings

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# 2LATINO Nov 1 2018, 07:31 AM
I am happy with the result of this month 🙌🏼 Maybe it did not bring more players than usual but atleast everyone was playing same Ladder and ofc some players that normally don’t join this Qm rooms did join.

Of course money made some of them play this (Luiss pa cuando?)

Thanks to Pig (RP0) for his reports efforts even tho he almost give up!!!
Thanks to Pino for the reports also 😀.

Congrats to Stiwie for the 50$ (he worked day and night for it 💴 I’ll be sending his salary soonish)

P.S I am Rank 3 ? If I spammed maybe Rank 1?🤔 4 pts behind our 5 years former rank 1 Keepo

See you guys ❤️



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# 3Earendil Nov 1 2018, 09:29 AM
Good Job RPO!

Thank you for your great effort. smile.gif

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# 4StiWie` Nov 1 2018, 12:22 PM
gg amigos

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# 5Felixanius Nov 1 2018, 21:15 PM
QUOTE(StiWie` @ Nov 1 2018, 12:22 PM) *

gg amigos


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# 6suturbs Nov 3 2018, 16:56 PM

I said "you are imroved" to Stiwie, he was a greater player with a prize & motivation boost I guess. but he never ignored the necessary practicing period before the month, and tourneys. Which he probably didn't have the opportunity/desire for the previous events.

Congratulations to Stiwie, & other people who put their effort into this mess...


Ladders and win rates doesn't meansure all the known skills, but It still shows of an overall success feature. So what does this ladder attempted to measure? Lets speculate:

1.Desire & Determination. These come first, and must; but never the end of the story. (Even, meaningless alone).
2.The Experience, having familiarance with many stages, as much as possible
3.Higher average Stength in action for each experience unit (mu, stage, map combinations)
4.Higher average Dexerity (or being fit) with the experiences when it comes to quickness in action (the opposite of this, is the "rustiness". Practicing with pro density level games is its food)
5.Team skills on the field. If the "good synch sense" was not natural, earned by discord. & Patience in practicing with the same people, no matter how they are "annoying"
6.Wisdom:Taking things easy with mates, but also dealing with each weaknesses properly, using optimum macro and micro action the proper way it requires.. Being aware of "mu, ally, synch difficulties" yet not letting them intervene, focusing on the optimum actions for the matters.
7.Charisma factor; is not "a real time factor", but a glorious past affects those who didnt have as much. extra advantage... Think of trying to deal with a guy who won 3 tourneys, wouldnt be easy for even a player of his level... Charisma offers less dexerity for the opponent.. Slowing, doubting him down in his actions, which has been a result-determiner thing for higher/ancient ranks versus newer good players with "influenced mind". (Until the carisma gap compensated & ascended by any other features like 1,2,3 above, charisma might become a negative feature for the champs, after few losses; odd but true.)... Charsma is a less issue for a smaller community, but still, the shadow of bigger times comes by the journey of the commnity, hence, still exists...

Summary: Stiwie performed better games than I saw of him before, the reason is the activity level of the community and his participation into those "tasty skilled games". OFC along with the PRIZE. A remark made for alsmot such examples: "Triumph without peril brings no glory" (Signature of the ValsaDoom) and Stiwie knew it.

According and limited by my experience with these fellows, I also made a "relative ranking table" for each "relative skills" above in the spoiler section. I tried to define them there. (these are just a bunch of terms I am toying with, dosnt mean anything truth/serious)

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