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8bit Armies, Hordes and Invaders

Starter tips on 8 Bit Armies

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# 1Admiral DuGalle Mar 1 2017, 15:40 PM
Hey guys

I don't know if this is asked a thousand times (Haven't been here for a LONG while) but here I go

Recently got really interested back in 8 bit armies, I downloaded the Arena free version and give it a go (it brings back a lot of old school cnc feel) couple of question in my head

1. Should I get full version of Arena ( I don't really care about single campaign )

2. What is a good starting faction to learn

3. what does each faction draw references from? (in actual gameplay)

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# 2-Netput Mar 1 2017, 16:53 PM
Heya DuGalle,

1) Yes you should. For only 5 bucks it is a steal. Activity is good enough to warrant that for sure. The flexibility of choosing your faction and having no MP limits is clearly worth it.

2) I would say Guardians is hardest. Any other faction isn't that hard to learn.

3) From looks it is Armies (renegades/guardian) = CNC, Hordes (lightbringer, Deathsworn) = Warcraft, Invaders (Marines, Crainoids)= Starcraft. In gameplay the armies focus most on base building. The invaders are probably most focused on their army. The hordes are mix. If 1 thing is sure, the marines surely compare great to Protoss laugh.gif

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