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# 1BLeeDeR Dec 28 2005, 08:31 AM
50. [LNL]/TooN|/FW||/CoJ|/[TIME]/MaC|/A|Locoluky
Easily the most controversial player in the history of BfME clanwars, this 2v2 only spammer has had his share of success. One would think that after 1500 BfME games a player would show some sort of improvement, but I have seen little from Loco. He has won 2 warrior titles, mostly because of outspamming everyone else, and 3 clan titles, and should have been banned multiple times. His point-pushing and dodging antics make show that he will do anything to win, regardless of rules or consequences.

49. [TIME]/[LNL]/Unr3al|/TeaM|/A|/Beer|/]LtB[/DreaM/[DIVA]Cacadoo
Cacadoo is a 2v2 player who has recently shown much skill and depth of knowledge in the game. Very smart player who knows what to do in most situations. Great at reviewing team reps as well, and isn’t afraid to state his opinion, most notably to the CW admins.

48. |EAGLE2|/|EAGLE|/]EC[StRiDaH
The best Gondor-seiger ever, and he was always good in clanwars under EAGLE and EC. Invented such isen strats as “containment” vs Gondor and “call the horde” in isen mirror.

47. A2|/Unr3al|/FW||/SeXy|/eE`/]sG[/[LNL]/Beer|Saurron/NoRRuaS
Like his m8 Auron, he has come along way since being in A2. Although his skill is sometimes in question, I feel he deserves a spot on the list. I used to hate him with a passion, but now we have settled our differences from months past, and now he’s a pretty cool guy. Him and Auron were a very good 2v2 team before Auron was banned, and they always gave a good game. Finnally started to play 1v1 as mordor and is actually pretty decent, but still has room to improve his INDIAN micro. biggrin.gif

46. A10/A2/eP/B2P/[PLOW]Segway
Was not very good in 1.02, but he didn’t really dodge and was a decent opponent in 1v1. However his ranking on the list is given because of his 1.03 skill which everyone respects. He clinched 5 straight titles for his clan B2P while obtaining 2 warrior titles and many silver/bronzes along the way.

45. Beer|/esa|/]LtB[Joe/grandma
German who shows that spam and skill is still possible. Good 2v2 player with all armies, and at the end of the 1.02 months has always been atop the warrior ranks because of his 2v2 spam.

44. Hololo
Another German mordor player, but what made him stand out from the others is that he wouldn’t be afraid to try a new strat or do something out of the ordinary, and was a very creative player.

43. [GC]DeMoNiC
A legendary Zero Hour gamer, he came to BfME automatically being one of the best, the top rohan of his time. Considered the father of rohan, he was one of the few to argue that Rohan vs Isen was balanced before he quit.

42. True
An RTS veteran, he came to BfME and dominated the first few months. He could’ve easily been much higher although he didn’t care much for the game quit before anyone else really knew how to play.

41. [WISE]Napoleon
The Mordor in the WISE Mordor/Isen team, although they never spammed games. Art and Nap are still one of the best 2v2 teams ever.

40. [WISE]Artistic
The Isen in the WISE Mordor/Isen team, although they never spammed games. Art and Nap are still one of the best 2v2 teams ever.

39. Alien|AzRea1
Started off being a great mordor, this German developed into a random player with nice skill, good stats in ESL and EPS. Never really gave an effort at CW.

38. esa|fonsoo/oP^Lagringo/DelasteVo
German player who is a past winner of the EPS tourney. Had good stats in CW with ESA in October to help them win the cup, and now is playing with Joenoob in Beer.

37. Attilla
German mordor-robot-spammer who spent a great deal of time atop the QM ladder. Never really put a great effort into CW.

36. [DIVA]/TeaM|/]GODS[PurpleCow
Has a good isen and can play all armies decently in 1v1. If he ever spammed he could easily be a top 20 CW warrior.

35. PSYCHOxnc
German mordor player who had great success in the german EPS and ESL leagues. Basically just another German mordor-playing-clone as I have seen nothing else from him.

34. [TIME]/MaC|/[DIVA]Mougnu
Probably the most under-rated player ever, he can play all armies decently in 1v1 and 2v2. Made a great showing teaming up with Faith and PPjW, and helped MaC win CW in September.

33. TooN|/]|E|[/]HS[/[OoE]/[LNL]Inuyasha
Good player who started his career in 2v2. He had great months in HS and OoE, where he showed he can obviously play with the best. Despite an incredibly ODD personality, he formed a very good 2v2 team with Zoid.

32. A2|/Unr3al|/FW||/eE`/SexY|/]sG[/[LNL]/Beer|Auron/BlackWinter
He has come a very long way since his A2 days. First showed his 2v2 abilities in Unr3al while forming a very good 2v2 team with Saurron, then formed with Ashz + Believe in SexY| to nearly challenge DIVA in October (before the [ViOz]PWNer -8k incident). Imo the best 2v2er of the Vent BfME gamers, but unfortunately his only CW title came due to dodging DIVA while in LNL with Locoluky in November. Too bad he has been banned from CW for using the farm bug in a game vs Ashz and Bramely, as him + Joe/Saurron could consistently give DIVA/EAGLE a hard time in 2v2.

31. LiVe4/[EPIC]/|EAGLE|/[LNL]MoOnY
Moony is a mordor lamer, but a VERY good one. He was mordor strat mod for quite a long time. Creator of many early mordor strats and helped the community very much during the start of BfME.

30. OP^/DreaM|/[DIVA]/[LNL]/|EAGLE|HuStLa
Great player who had been decent for awhile but recently got very good during the last months of 1.02. His Rohan in 1v1, 2v2, and even 3v3 are top, but is still capable of playing random very well too.

29. A| Laurelin
Good FoL player in 1v1 and 2v2. Has a top 1v1 rohan and formed a very good Gondor/Rohan 2v2 team with A|Clober. Pretty underrated overall.

28. [EPIC]Prepare
Prepare was a mordor pro from the great land of Germany. He helped the community a great deal, and like his EPIC clan-mate HERO has visited EALA to work on BfME2.

27. [PLOW]/GRIM|Gerrard
Too bad he never played in 1.01/1.02, because he really could have been something special. Mid-Late 1.03 player, he dominated the CW arena with his FoL skill and soon after became a Random player due to people not liking to play FoL when FoL hosts. He has 2 1.03 CW titles even though that is not saying much, but what is truly impressive about him is the insane micro skills he brings to the table and his constant development of strategies when everyone thinks strategies are exhausted. Would probably be higher on the list if he hadn’t of started his career so late.

26. WaR^/|EAGLE|/iK`/eE`/SexY|/]sG[/[DIVA]/iKinG`Believe
Used to be a mordor-only 2v2 player, but has become a good random player that can play all armies in 2v2. I have had some flamewars in the past although hes still a good guy.

25. [DIVA]Angra
A great mordor player who helped form DIVA into what it is today. Never spammed games, but always had VERY good stats. Has been gone from BfME for awhile now but still is a great clan-mate and owns at making sigs. ;D

24. TooN|Tw33ty
A good Isengard player and leader of the most successful clan of the early days. Toon won 2 titles under his command, and his immense isengard play allowed him to always be at the top of rankings. Proved the CW > QM by going getting rank 1 in QM after a 52 hour of straight QM spam

Consistent player who appeared on the scene in June with FW|| where in his first month finished as rank 3 warrior. Used to be a mordor-only lamer, recently he has become one of the best 1v1 random players in the game. Known as Faith’s older bro and has won a warrior title as MaC|w00per.

22. TooN|/]|E|[/]HS[/[OoE]/iKinG`ZoiDBerG
This British gamer had a top rohan in 1v1 and 2v2. Basically played for fun for the first few months, although he still won 2 CW cups with TooN. Showed what he was capable of in ]HS[ and [OoE]. Formed a very good 2v2 team with Inub. Funny guy to know and talk to on vent/TS.

21. |75thRgt|/|GP|/PbK|/|EAGLE|/]EC[Winter

A great mordor player who was always helping out the community. He taught players the correct strats and how to utilize them. In May and June he teamed with Sage|EAGLE| and ]EC[Godlike^ to form a great 2v2 team, enabling him to play all armies very well. Nicknamed, "The Santa Clause Man".

20. OP^cym1337/esa|gorlaB
Great German player who had a lot of success in the ESL and EPS before coming to CW. His mordor mirror is among the best and knows how to mordor lame to the worst extent. Formed a good 2v2 team with esa|polyhymnia, and their 2 evil was practically unbeatable in October, helping carry ESA to win its first and only cup in the CW month where every top clan had vios.

19. |JUDGES|/|GP|/|EAGLE|/[DIVA]Osarie
A gondor lamer like no other, we can thank him for the laming that is gondor in 1.02. He won a warrior title in February and showed he was very good with gondor in the early days. Good person as well, but doesn’t seem to have time for games anymore.

18. [EPIC]Sagat/LAAkuma
Considered by many to be the father of Gondor, this old-school player invented such strats as the horse-shield rush that are still in use today. Great at creating new strats and spotting imbalance. Disgusted by the 1.02 patch, he left BfME forever.

17. |GP|XKaLiBaR
Great player in the beginning of BfME, he was an amazing mordor player who knew how to seige gondor when no one else could. Had excellent control and micro and was the only mordor to nearly beat HERO’s gondor back in 1.01.

16. |3oT|/]|2T[/TooN|/]EC[/iK`/[A4L]/[DIVA]/[WaR^]RaVe`
Great player who showed his prowess in ]|2T[ where he and Pilbots completely dominated March ‘05 of clanwars, achieving a 81% PW as TraNcE` and RaVe` formed one of the best 2v2 teams and nearly winning clanwars as a 2 man clan. Also had the best Isen mirror for quite awhile, but for now has been more active in other games.

15. [GC]DMraider
This top Zero Hour gamer happens to be a top BfME player from back in da day y0. Top Isen player that dominated clanwars early with a warrior title under his belt. Netput and DM had some great Isen mirrors together and was always fun to see the two go head to head. Also apart of the team that visited EALA.

14. FW||/[LNL]/[DIVA]/[OoE]/Unr3al|Netput
Top Isen player in 1v1 as well as 2v2, Netje has been around since the very beginning of BfME. Loyal clan member and a good guy, he is one of the most respected members of the BfME community. The GR.org admin has quit BfME for the time being, and also was part of the team that helped EALA with BfME2.

13. SoN|AnAgA
Known as DEATH_YURI from Zero Hour, this mordor lamer has some of the best micro in the game. Rank 1 on the QM ladder, he is probably the best mordor player today. Can play isen very well too, and is one of the few to consistenly give Pilbots’ gondor a hard time with his mordor.

12. [aFr]Victoire
Easily the best Rohan player ever. Achieving a 71% win percentage playing ONLY rohan in clanwars, in an era before warg farms, and without dodging a single game speaks for itself. Vic was fun to play against and always gave a challenge even when everything was totally imba against Rohan. Him and BaLL had some great games in June.

11. [TIME]/|IAH|/MaC|/]LtG[/Ac`/[DIVA]/Beer|Faith
Always has been a decent Isen who loved mirrors, although he showed what he was all about in September CW. One of the best random 1v1 players and his Isen is supreme in 1v1 and 2v2. Probably the best ever at the Isen vs Gondor matchup, and imo is better than his brother (ppjw). You can’t help but laugh at many of his flame/troll posts on the forums, and he’s constantly in 90% WARN. biggrin.gif

10. Desolair|EAGLE|
Ahh, what can I say about the great Desolair. He was foremost one of the best leaders on BfME, he was a tyrant some say but he got things done. He was also one of the most unfortunate leaders as well, with bad circumstances leading EAGLE to 3 straight silver titles. His Gondor was among the best ever with amazing horse micro. Not many knew this but he could play rohan and mordor with among the best, he just choose not to because of his love for gondor. Good guy and definitely deserves to be #10. -Sage

9. LiVe4/[EPIC]/|EAGLE|/]EC[/[FEW]/[OoE]/[PONY]/[DIVA]BaLL_
Great isengard player who finally as able to show his dominance end of May and all of June. He almost won a warrior title, but was edged out by Godlike^ on the last day of June, and he co-lead EC to a CW cup that same month. Great player and great friend, did wonders for the community as a long time isen strat mod. wub.gif

8. |EAGLE2|/|EAGLE|/[FEW]/OP^/DreaM|/[DIVA]KiLLeR2/HaLf|ifE
One of the top players, he has come along way since his days in |EAGLE2|. Was a very big dodger in the past, but has become one of the best players in the later months of BfME CW. Has a great random in both 1v1 and 2v2, and imo is the 2nd best 2v2 player ever, after Sage. Has his own warrior title and without him DIVA would not have won 2 straight clan titles. The HaLf|ifE and HoRiZoN` 2v2 team is without a doubt the best ever. ERIC can be a somewhat of a BIG flamer sometimes but still is an awesome clan-mate who is fun to play with. wub.gif

This RTS gaming veteran has been the main backbone for the BfME community since he visited bfme.org. His strats and guidance have helped the community more than any other member. Never liked the clanwars system and prefers ffgs instead. One of the best 1v1 Gondor players and maybe the best micro to go along with it. Although he decided to leave BfME after the 1.02 massacre, he has helped EALA secure the future of BfME2.

6. Ay^/MaC|/[LNL]/[Ev1L]/[DIVA]/|EAGLE|Kolo
It's hard to believe Kolo is actually human. He has incredible micro and rarely ever makes a mistake which makes it easy for him to master any army/matchup. Kolo is best known for his gondor but has recently started playing rohan and isengard competetively in cw. Probably one of the best warg farm users as well, having the fastest shield rush ever vs mordor. Always an excellent win % in clan wars. Fun to play against, always a tough game. -Pilbots

5. |EAGLE|/]EC[/[OoE]/[PONY]/[DIVA]Sage/Godlike^
Imo the best 2v2 player ever. Knows the ins-and-outs of 2v2 as well as every strat. You can always rely on him to know what he’s doing and make the right decisions. His cocky personality backs up his title as Godlike^, and in June put up the most dominating performance clanwars has seen, going 115-10 playing 1v1 and 2v2. Funny guy to know and play with. The Godlike^ and TruTh combo dominated the summer months of ‘05. Recently has lost some of his touch, but like usual is still one of the best 2v2 players in the game.

4. [DIVA]BLeeDeR/HoRiZoN`
Came into Clanwars as a noob during the middle of May ‘05, but never dodged anyone. He even loss spammed to many people (E.G. Desolair). Was originally taught a mean gondor by Osarie, aka [DIVA]Jupiter. He made DIVA into the great clan that it was and still is on BfME and other games. Has an amazing random and can play all armies nearly to perfection in 1v1 and 2v2. Has won 2 warrior titles and led DIVA to 3 cups at cw.cc. My best friend on this game and one of the greatest of the player/leader duos. -Halflife

3. |THN|Shai
Player that dominated QM and the German ESL/EPS leagues, even winning a new PC and other prizes in the process. Has great micro and his mordor is practically unbeatable, probably the best mirror player I have ever played. Had many QM names that were like 110-0 with each race. His CW success was also very impressive, almost always above 80%, although eventually people decided to dodge so games were a rarity for him. For some reason his worst matchup was mordor vs ISEN. wacko.gif. Still deserving of top 5 all time.

2. TooN|/PBK/|EAGLE|/FW||/[LNL]/]EC[/OP^/[DIVA]/A|PepeLaPu
One of the WORST attitudes and biggest flamers online, although he claims he is just “confident”. Interesting personality to say the least, although if you ever talk to him for a bit you will find he’s actually a really funny dude lol, and has many priceless quotes to go along with his “confidence”. Also is quite the clan hopper, usually giving monthly “efforts”. His micro is some of the best in the game and his Gondor and Mordor are top among all players. Always knows his next move and truly believes his way is ALWAYS the right way. Shouts of “TRANCE IS ENEMY” made the Pilbots vs Pepe rivalry constantly entertaining. But if anyone can back up all the shit they say, then this is the man to do it.

1. TooN|/[EPIC]/]|2T[/]EC[/|EAGLE|/[OoE]/[PONY]/[DIVA]Pilbots
Without a doubt the best ever. When at his best his micro and playing abilities outmatch nearly everyone. Has mastered all races in 1v1 and 2v2 and his random is nearly unbeatable. Also has 2 warrior titles and 5 clan titles from his clanwars career, with NEVER dodging a game. The most fearless player I’ve seen, he will consistently play in ridiculous match-ups just to get games. Recently he has worked at EALA in the development of BfME2. Can be a bit of a flamer at times (especially when replays of him making LOSSES are posted...) but still a great guy to know and play against, always a great game time after time.

EDITED most recently by Bleeder, Sage, and somewhat by Pilbots, mostly because we realized that it needed an update! Hopefully we can leave it alone forever now…leaving it as a reminder of when it was fun to play BfME! smile.gif

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# 2Sage Dec 28 2005, 08:42 AM
pilbots has 3 clan titles sad.gif

mostly cuz i carry him, my back hurts cuz of him/

very nice work by bleeder/myself tbh biggrin.gif

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# 3BLeeDeR Dec 28 2005, 08:44 AM
QUOTE(Sage-Godlike^ @ Dec 28 2005, 02:42 AM) *

pilbots has 3 clan titles sad.gif

Not in 4 dayz. biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Sage-Godlike^ @ Dec 28 2005, 02:42 AM) *

very nice work by bleeder/myself tbh biggrin.gif


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# 4BaLL_ Dec 28 2005, 08:48 AM
pretty good list.

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# 5Dinn Dec 28 2005, 08:51 AM
I dont see Bleeder in it dry.gif

EDIT: Damn...i would really like to learn micro and decision making strats from these guys bowdown.gif

not the flaming part tho smilie_bleh.gif

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# 6Saurron/CoRRupT Dec 28 2005, 09:21 AM
that list is perfect smile.gif

tbh when i first saw it i thought it was the WOrst players casue i was on top sad.gif laugh.gif

good job

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# 7jadoger Dec 28 2005, 09:53 AM

Good job again Bleeder mate, but I would like to know where about the xrecoil/Dream|PuFF stands biggrin.gif

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# 8-ThundeR Dec 28 2005, 10:06 AM
put a lot of effort into it smile.gif jeez i couldn't even think of 50 bfme GAMERS if i tried.

btw tw33ty got top of qm ladder in his spam wink.gif and I think loco should be like no. 1 because he is teh papa of gaming, but apart from that it's pretty much coolio

and oh I'm not sure what the deal is with DMRaider; why is he always ranked so high? wacko.gif

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# 9Fait Dec 28 2005, 11:06 AM
Your forgetting someone? biggrin.gif

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# 10Saurron/CoRRupT Dec 28 2005, 11:11 AM
QUOTE(-ThundeR @ Dec 28 2005, 10:06 AM) *

and I think loco should be like no. 1 because he is teh papa of gaming

no this isnt true at all this is skill not spam
QUOTE(-ThundeR @ Dec 28 2005, 10:06 AM) *

and oh I'm not sure what the deal is with DMRaider; why is he always ranked so high? wacko.gif

agreed with u on this

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# 11mini Dec 28 2005, 11:15 AM

Attilla sux ass, he shouldnt be on list

Switch PC and Imrahil

Switch ball and tweety

Switch Rave and Victoire

IMO Moony is overrated, ive never ever lost to his mordor ever.

IMO sorry BIG D faiths isen is better than urs cry.gif

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# 12Annatar Dec 28 2005, 11:27 AM
Raider is placed so ridicolous high it's not even funny.

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# 13Saurron/CoRRupT Dec 28 2005, 12:05 PM
QUOTE(Big K @ Dec 28 2005, 11:15 AM) *

IMO sorry BIG D faiths isen is better than urs cry.gif

ok but ball has done so much more as CW is concerned wink.gif

wub.gif ball 4 life smile.gif

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# 14Drive^ Dec 28 2005, 12:35 PM
wtf 16 WTF.gif kill me pls, netput, dmraider, and tw33ty better isen players? WTF.gif wacko.gif

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# 15Tams Dec 28 2005, 12:58 PM
Sagat dry.gif

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# 16JoOoOE Dec 28 2005, 13:16 PM
A great list and thx for calling me Noob thum.gif

i dont know many of these players, but i think the reason is i play bfme only since 3 month activ!!!

but good job Bleeder thumb.gif

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# 17lipper Dec 28 2005, 13:36 PM

get a life bleeder

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# 18.ppjw Dec 28 2005, 13:56 PM
wasnt dmraider caught pointpushing in zero hour? WTF.gif

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# 19Chen Dec 28 2005, 14:01 PM
51. Chen? tongue.gif

edit: nice list thum.gif

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# 20Annatar Dec 28 2005, 14:02 PM
QUOTE(.ppjw @ Dec 28 2005, 02:56 PM) *

wasnt dmraider caught pointpushing in zero hour? WTF.gif

He was caught maphacking.

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