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Supreme Commander 2

SupCom2 SE No.4 Check-ins

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# 1Inspector RaGe Dec 19 2020, 12:20 PM
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Only registered players will be allowed to check-in. Check-ins will be open from 13:00-13:55 GMT. At 13:55 or when all players have checked in the brackets will be created and made official. Remember the brackets will be shuffled just after check-ins close.

Keep in mind check-ins open 1 hour before the event's scheduled 14:00 GMT, and timezone difference can be cross-checked with the timer on the home page.

Replay thread

Please make sure you include your in-game id when checking in, and please make sure to save the replays.

SupCom2 SE #4 checked-in players:
  1. Vanady valid for random draw
  2. Alphahex valid for random draw
  3. hopesc2 Valid for random draw
  4. osmos valid for random draw
  5. Fortuna880 valid for random draw
  6. NuclearPizza valid for random draw
  7. Vandarkholme
  8. Jaywix valid for random draw
  9. Polarbearz valid for the random draw
  10. Alvrz
  11. Iron_Commander valid for random draw
  12. AMOYOBA_RUS valid for random draw
  13. Rexnar valid for random draw
  14. HelyusHD checked in from discord and is valid for random draw

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Inspector RaGe   SupCom2 SE No.4 Check-ins   Dec 19 2020, 12:20 PM
Vanady   here   Dec 19 2020, 13:19 PM
Alphahex   Alphahex checking in for team Metal Fur[r]y   Dec 19 2020, 13:20 PM
hopesc2   Checking in Hope   Dec 19 2020, 13:20 PM
osmos   im here   Dec 19 2020, 13:21 PM
Fortuna880 AA CU CU   here   Dec 19 2020, 13:25 PM
NuclearPizza   here   Dec 19 2020, 13:27 PM
Vandarkholme   roflanebalo   Dec 19 2020, 13:33 PM
Jaywix   Too early for this lol   Dec 19 2020, 13:33 PM
Jaywix   Too early for this lol That was me checking in b...   Dec 19 2020, 13:39 PM
Polarbearz   here   Dec 19 2020, 13:35 PM
Alvrz   here with Vandarkholme   Dec 19 2020, 13:35 PM
Iron_Commander   reporting in!   Dec 19 2020, 13:46 PM
AMOYOBA_RUS   Here with Fortuna   Dec 19 2020, 13:49 PM
Rexnar   I am here   Dec 19 2020, 13:58 PM
Dewboi   Here with TNK_Legend   Dec 19 2020, 14:01 PM
cwedvin   Here with TNK_Legend Sorry but you where to late...   Dec 19 2020, 14:20 PM

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