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Command and Conquer 3

Dypl'Oo'docuS - DC - Valid

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# 1Police/AK Dec 12 2016, 21:44 PM
again !!??

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Attached File dypl__dc__again.CNC3Replay
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Player Name Side Team
~MF~Police/AK* 2
GuidoJuiceHead 1
Dypl'Oo'docuS 1
L_U_P_I_N_44_ 2

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# 2~AngelOfDeath~ Dec 16 2016, 13:01 PM
Hello Police/AK and thank you for reporting.

You were playing on the map Redzone Rampage. You all went in the standard build order on that map, crane as the first build. Your teammate however decided to open the match with a shadow rush to enemy's base. That rush gave his opponent, GuidoJuiceHead, a hard time in this match up. In the meantime, Dypl'Oo'docuS had his army of Predator Tanks almost ready to attack and finish you off. He almost achieved that, but you already had created the Tech Center so with that you could easily defend yourself. Worth to note, that your teammate helped you a bit with that. When you stopped his rush and destroyed a few of Dypl's War Factories, you made second MCV and obelisk rushed him. He wasn't able to stop that. A bit later, GuidoJuiceHead quit this match up and Dypl was left by him alone in a 2vs1 position. When you were about to defeat him and win the match, Dypl lost connection. That makes your report valid and I'll adjust the ladder points.

Disconnect Valid

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