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Fair Play Policy

GameReplays focuses on the multiplayer online community of games. A game's longevity is directly tied to the status and health of it's MP community. If a community is full of cheaters and flamers, any decent player will simply leave. If a community is full of fair players, the game will thrive.

GameReplays.org will simply not tolerate the use of its services by players who detract from the game they play. This policy is meant to keep the GameReplays community of gamers clean, and the those that fail to act maturely can simply fend for themselves. There is more to unfair play than cheating, which is the premise of this policy. Cheaters of course are not allowed on this site, but nor are their counterparts. Banned or suspended members are not welcome in GameReplays events of any sort. Here is a list of things we consider to be immature examples of poor sportsmanship that can result in a suspension of activity on these forums:

1. Falsely accusing someone of cheating because you failed to make an effort to gather proper evidence
    Accusing someone of cheating is a SERIOUS accusation. It's not to be taken lightly and people have every right to be offended by it. You absolutely MUST provide evidence for your accusation. This statement is not saying that if you do accuse someone of cheating and turn out to be wrong, you'll be banned. It simply means this: If you accuse someone of cheating IN GAME, without watching a replay of that game to look for possible vindicating explanations, then you are not making an effort to gather proof.

    Idle cheat accusations are not tolerated here. For example, an accusation that does not include substantial effort in providing proof, which can include providing screenshots, replays and possible vindications and refutations of those vindications, can be considered an idle accusation. Referring to or alluding that the "accused" is a cheat is also an idle cheat accusation; once a legitimate accusation is made, the "accused" is not to be referred to as a cheat unless a 100% guilty verdict is given. Idle cheat accusations will be met with moderation action, which will be at the discretion of the moderator.

    If members of a clan are found to be doing this in any form (asking for a SS to prove that you're not maphacking, flat out accusing you of maphacking or some other form of cheating), and if that clan has a forum here, the forum will be suspended indefinitely until the clan boss straightens out his/her members. Those members may also be individually banned from GameReplays.org if they cannot be straightened out by their clan boss.
2. Disconnecting and/or mismatching constantly to avoid a loss, or even because you THINK you are being cheated against
    We will make sure that it's no coincidence that you happened to get disconnected while you were losing. We try and avoid punishing innocent people, but we will use circumstantial evidence. If it's proven that you try and dodge a loss by disconnecting (this is especially true in AoW and BFME), you can find another forum to learn strategies and share replays. There is no excuse for disconnecting on purpose, especially when you THINK someone is cheating against you. Again, this is equivalent to accusing someone of cheating without proof. The punishments are the same as improperly accusing someone of cheating. Forums for clans with chronic disconnectors will not be supported and possible member suspensions will be issued.

    It REALLY isn't hard to play fairly. Its not hard to bite your tongue and watch the replay first. It's easier to just accept the loss and not pull the plug from the back of your computer. Disconnecting, mismatching, cheating, and improperly accusing someone of cheating is all the same. It's unfair to honest players.
3. Faking evidence through faked replays or screenshots
    This is the most serious form of poor sportsmanship. It's one thing to be lazy and not look for evidence, it's quite another to maliciously fake evidence to ruin someone else's reputation. Doing this will immediately result in a 4 week suspension of your account on GameReplays.org. It is considered cheating and will absolutely not be tolerated by any means. You may also be banned permanently from gamereplays.org for this activity. Which punishment is issued is at the discretion of administrators.

All instances of cheating will earn a 68% warn AND a four week suspension from this site for the first offense. Any subsequent instances of cheating in any form will earn a permanent ban. Banned cheaters forfeit any and all rights or privileges and are also banned from all sanctioned Gamereplays events and all sponsored services hosted or organized by Gamereplays.org