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Adding a signature and avatar and customizing your profile

Adding a signature
Go to your Control Panel and click on Edit Signature. Simply use the text editor there to edit your signature. If you want to include an image you'll have to use the [img]-tag to do so. You can only include one image and it can't be bigger than 570 x 150, and 100kb in size. All the other bbcodes such as bold or italic work here as well.

Add an avatar
Go to your Control Panel and click on Edit Avatar Settings. There are two different ways to include an avatar:
  • Pre-installed avatars
    - Simply choose a pre-installed image from one of the galleries. After you made your choice, click on 'Use selected avatar' to update your avatar
  • Image upload
    - If you have the image on your computer, you can use this option to upload it to our server. The max size rule applies here as well. The avatar will be removed if it is not deemed appropriate.