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Gorbles' Unofficial Mod Helper (v0.6.1)

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# 1Gorb Aug 16 2017, 14:09 PM
Mentioned this ages back, finally got around to doing it a while back, and pushed out the last update the other day. Figured I'd link it here if it helps folks.

Main link - https://community.dawnofwar.com/discussion/...-08-2017#latest


This program provides a GUI for extracting SGA files, and converting RGDs to a variety of text-readable formats. You can also edit the XML data, though there isn't anything proven you can do with that yet. It also lets you convert the WEM sound files that come with the game to WAV files you can actually listen to.


The WEM / WAV files are pretty much unidentifiable if you forget the folder you extracted them from. They all have numeric reference strings for identification. Working on a way to link that if you have the right RGD files extracted somewhere, but there are also BNX files that function similarly (i.e. a unit could reference both WEM files directly, and BNX files which reference their own WEM files).

You can't burn back to RGD. Yet. That's next on the list.

XML editing is in a very basic form at the moment. I just wanted a proof of concept out so I could test loading files into the game itself (by nicking CoH 2's mod folder structure, as DoW III seems to have a similar template already setup). I haven't gotten any further with this though, thanks to RL stuff.


Java 8 or better. Program is well-optimised, under 500KB in size, and utilises threading. It is not malware, and will not make you sit there for ten years wondering if it's going to start up.

Further reading

How to extract SGA files, complete with early screenshots of the tool - https://community.dawnofwar.com/discussion/...-archive#latest

How to get useable images out of the game files (vaguely related) - https://community.dawnofwar.com/discussion/...dds-file#latest

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# 2Dullahan Aug 16 2017, 14:57 PM
Awesome job, Gorb!

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