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'eXe' - DC - Wilron - Valid

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# 1Ekko^ Oct 24 2017, 12:20 PM
Apparently loses con immediately when unscouted flame tank enters his base. was guaranteed 2 refineries

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'eXe' 1
Ekko^* 2

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# 2Wilron Oct 29 2017, 20:28 PM
Thank you for the report Ekko^. I am sorry that I did not resolve this report sooner.

The replay is a 1vs1 ranked game on tournament galaxy between Ekko^ (Nod) and 'eXe' (Reaper).

Ekko rushed a flame tank and managed to get it just outside of eXe's base without it being spotted. eXe then loses connection to the match, thus ending the game. Although it would be highly unlikely for the flame tank to destroy all of eXe's buildings, however it would have been able to take out his only two refineries which would have been a huge set back. Therefore the flame tank would have put eXe in a clear losing position, so I find this disconnect report valid.

I have adjusted the ranked 1vs1 points by giving 35 to Ekko^ and deducting 50 from 'eXe'.

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