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Countering Anti-Air

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# 1Lynx AH-7 Jan 27 2008, 01:22 AM
[h1]Countering Anti-Air[/h1]

This week's tip will deal with heavy attack helicopters and anti-air units. First of all, let me tell you which units are the most effective at taking out helicopters. Heavy Anti-Air vehicle, medium Anti-Air vehicle, Infantry hidden in buildings or forests,Armored Transports, and Troop Transports. The unit I will focus on today is the heavy anti-air vehicle.

The Heavy Anti-Air is a destructive force against helicopters.
IPB Image
As you can see the helicopters are blowing up.

The Heavy Anti-Air is pretty much an armored truck/vehicle that has a missile pod and turret on the top. The missile pod spins 360 degrees and whenever a helicopter comes in range it fires two missiles then takes a little bit of time then fires two more. The missiles that it uses are heat seeking missiles. Since its missiles are heat-seeking they zero in on the helicopters engine and exhaust. Because he missiles are heat seeking they ca be avoided. All helicopters come with infrared flares they can drop. These flares are burning hot and make the missiles go after them.

Now that you know a little about the Heavy Anti- Air I will explain how to beat them. It requires a little bit of skill in micro.

IPB Image
The USSR Heavy Attack Helicopter.

If you are trying to attack some tanks but there is two heavy anti-air mixed in with them then you should attack them like this. First before you are in range of the Heavy anti-air you tell your heavy helicopters to fire there tank busting missiles at the AA. (anti-air) What this will do is that as soon as the helicopters get in range of being able to use there missiles they will fire them. As soon as the missiles are under way you need to be looking for missiles coming back towards you. When they are close to hitting you fire your flares to avoid the missiles. The AA should be weakened greatly if not destroyed after you have fired your missiles at them. (make sure you fire missiles equally at all of the AA, this will make sure both are weak and one isn't really strong and the other weak.) Your helicopters should be attack the AA will the missile is in the air so the AA should be destroyed if done right. The tanks are now for you picking.

This sequence happens extremely fast and will most likely take some time to practice to get good at it because you need to learn the timing of this. If you learn it your time as being an air player will be much easier.

If you get good enough remember that the flares are an area effect item. Meaning if one helicopter fires them then it will cover the other choppers if they are close enough. If you use this well then you will be able to attack the AA even better because you can repel to or three waves of missiles coming at you.

Note: Patch 5 for World in Conflict has increased the range and turret speed of heavy AA. Be careful if attacking, because they are even more effective against helicopters then before.
And also remember that this a guideline on how to do this, but we advise you to attack AA with Heavy Helicopters only if really needed.

By: Distant Thunder

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