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# 1Lynx AH-7 Feb 11 2008, 23:07 PM


Todayís Tip of the Week will deal with ambushing. Ambushing is an effective way to do maximum damage to your opponents while taking little damage to your own units. An ambush works the best for the infantry role but it can be performed effectively by other units or roles.

The best way to ambush someone would be to hide your infantry in a forest by a chokepoint. A chokepoint is an area on the map that is narrow and hard for units to move through fast. If you are able to you can hide your infantry in the forests, which makes your units invisible then, when enemy units come into the chokepoint, you can let loose with your infantry.

IPB Image
Good areas where to place infantry to ambush units along the roads

If a lot of tanks pass through that area you will want to have some Anti-Tank infantry. If you have enough TA points you can also call down a tank buster or bombard the area so that the units get hit as they are leaving. If you do this strategy remember it will not work the entire game in the same place, the enemy will get wise to your tricks!

IPB Image
Infantry units can hide around a chokepoint and pounce on enemy armour when they pass. Remember to keep moving your units around!

You probably will get napalm dropped on you and it will either burn you and kill your units or burn the forests so that you canít hide in it anymore. Move around the map to different chokepoints or forests and you will be able to take out quite a few units.

Although, there is more than one way to ambush with units other than infantry I will focus on this relatively easy one. For this tactic you will need to have a teammate that has heavy artillery and that will listen to you if you require help. What you will want to do first is move your units (they can be tanks, helicopters, or light vehicles) around pretty much the edge of the map away from the main battle.

The idea is to remain undetected and not let the enemy know where you are. When you are in a position behind the enemy there are a few options you can do. One, attack the enemyís backside. They will not expect the attack coming from the rear. Two, charge in and when you see the enemy have your support teammate send a smoke screen on top of the enemy.

This will prevent the enemy from seeing you until you are right in the smoke. Or one more thing you can do is have a scout chopper or use the radar reconnaissance TA to find the enemy. After that have your teammate drop the smoke on the enemy. You can then move in and will be able to attack the enemy before they leave the smoke, while still being able to see them with the required reconnaissance. They will be helpless as they cannot see where your attack is coming from for a short time.

Also, if you can afford it, it may be a good idea to also call a TA strike in front of the enemy, so that they canít drive away and will have to fight you. You will most likely win because you will be attacking their weak armour in the back until they get their units turned around. Please be careful if you use tanks because the enemy can quickly attack you with air. Have a teammate bring Medium choppers or AA to prevent the attack from the air.

You can use two different groups of units to draw the enemy into an ambush. This works well when using Armour. Have two different groups of tanks (for example two Heavy Tanks in each group) and use one of them to draw the enemy towards a chokepoint or command point. While this is happening the other group of tanks should be flanking around the enemy and appear from the rear. Now you have the enemy trapped!

IPB Image
An example of leading enemy armour into an ambush with tanks of your own

If you use ambushing successfully it will keep the enemy off balance and they will not know where the next attack will come from.

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