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# 1Statement Jun 2 2021, 21:54 PM
Dear community,

I have released a statspanel for all Company of Heroes 1 players to use.

Check out the link: cohstats.com

Simply press Enter Steam ID and insert a players Steam ID (both Steam64ID and custom ID are allowed). The statspanel contains all data about the user you want to know.

To get a users ID simply right click the steam avatar and copy the page URL, which contains the Steam ID.

You can rearrange the tables, show online status, hours played and more. The panel contains a smurf detector that redirects you back the main account from the smurf, once a smurf has been detected. In order for this to work the smurf has to be in the game.

I will be adding more features in the future, like iFrame functionality, Twitch extensions and more. I hope you all find joy with using the website!

Kind regards,


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# 2dukejason Jun 2 2021, 22:24 PM
I checked this site out and its fully functional. Its a very professional site, great job Statement.

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# 3Ra11 Jun 5 2021, 17:20 PM
Great site!!!

Well done!

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