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Strange idea

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# 1Contador Sep 5 2016, 00:13 AM
Hey guys, whats up? Two hours ago I was playing pokemon go and I told to myself "damn that game sucks so much... I miss my good old company of heroes.. :'("

So I am wondering if anyone is still playing the game? I would love to play some funny games..

Oh and by the way, I rode all the bullshits I said in this forum... 4 years ago I was thinking "why People hate me on GR??" Today I know why lol I was such a cunt. I really feel so ashamed.

Anyway if someone want to do some games with me, it would be cool smile.gif I hope I Will have some replies

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# 2djw2104 Sep 5 2016, 18:16 PM
A blast from the past. biggrin.gif

I hope that you are keeping well. We were all young once and recall doing stupid things. But welcome back and don't forget to post your replays.

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# 3c0mpl3x1ty Sep 6 2016, 22:27 PM
Hi contador make sure you have me added on steam

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# 4Ra11 Sep 7 2016, 05:53 AM
vs me wehr on semois vs my fency officer tongue.gif


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# 5Rémy Oct 16 2016, 20:21 PM

Don't run away with your real nature bro. Being a cunt is what you are.

Being hated by everyone is the best thing you would get in your pussy shit life. Am I enough a dick with you heh?

The site needs more funny trolling stuff... So get back on the game, Let me show you how to stomp ppl in 10 min... and I promise djw will let us doing whatever we want...

Seb u mad?

And you Mathieu , how do you feel?

Ok I'm done. <3

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