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New C&C Remastered Update 18.12.2018!

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# 21s2nz0 Dec 24 2018, 15:01 PM
If that can be a new "base-start" for the rest of the series and maybe new games in the RTS genre, then go for it and let see what happens.

I think they're too scared to make a brand new one with the risk of failure (again), it's more like testing the terrain/ground and the players to see how it evolves.

I just hope for the best and the revivals of RTS games with not too much hopes so i don't get unsatisfied

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# 22methuselah Dec 26 2018, 21:35 PM
QUOTE(Technique @ Dec 23 2018, 06:57 AM) *


Grats on the position, figured you'd be one of em though, since you worked with EA before.

Could you ask them to make 1 overall server/platform for all cnc games?
One big happy cnc family. smile.gif

Would spread the new found cnc activity from Rivals and the upcoming remaster over to the other cnc games not (yet) remastered.

Even with Rivals discussions now I seen lots of people be like ''wish I could still play this and that game online''.
Of course all games can still be played online but it's an extra obstacle, one big enough to filter out a large portion of players who would otherwise do some games again for old times sake.

But they can't be arsed (or simply don't know) to go to cncnet or cnconline or openra etc...

And since it's EA they could also fix automatch in tw/kw/ra3 for us (especially ra3 is in dire need of that imo).

I'm skeptical as well but I'm hopeful which is why I'm participating. Some good suggestions here please keep them coming, all of you keep them coming. My role here is to represent as many of you as I can and I will do my best to do that.

Question: "fix automatch" be more specific. My first thought was that the official automatch is long dead so what do you mean there?
I totally agree that automatch had issues, major ones across all those games when it was up but took your comment to be current tense so I was a tad confused.

QUOTE(-Netput @ Dec 23 2018, 10:55 AM) *
Good update imo!
Although i agree with Technique that it is an odd choice to C&C / RA1 for this remaster. I for one have played quite a bit of RA1 and OpenRA and it really didn't age well. The best course of action would be a game that looks the same, but has some serious Quality of life improvements and perhaps some extra units to make it more interesting. With merely a HD reskin, nobody will play this game for long. Why would they if it will be exact the same as OpenRA?

I will comment here, there and wherever from two perspectives

1) as a member of the council or
2) as a long time lover and spare player of C&C

This one is definitely #2, I have zero inside information on this front or I would not comment. I think they are going back to the beginning here and if this gets any traction/interest there will be more. I'm sure everyone would love to see their favorite game reskinned/updated/etc. but there is some sense in going back to the beginning.

I'm just thankful there is a breath of life here. I'm also optimistic with the involvement of some of the folks on the dev side there as well.
More to come!

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# 23s2nz0 Dec 27 2018, 14:08 PM
Something that i like very much and would like to see in others rts is the control of unit from TW and KW

The stance (aggressive, normal, do not chase, do not fire), the reverse move, attack move (on units), attack move (on everything even building, no matter the stance) and the units formation

Theses things give a lot of controls over units. I just don't like the move or fire/attack like in many others rts, but that's my opinion

And lastly, a hotkey that you can assign/change for camera move.

In terms of controls, that would be a good start to implement in the remake. I definitively would give a chance to the game

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# 24Askavenger Mar 19 2019, 04:52 AM
Don't know if the below has already been said.

You guys do realize they are using their own Petroglyph engine (whatever its called) and translating the old games into it?
If you've played Greygoo and 8-bit armies you should like it. I think 8bit armies was near perfect in its path finding. There was some unusual air units pathing oddly, but thats about it.

Are the controls going to be modernized? Is the left click to move going to be switched? Seeing as they are using the same engine, yes everything is going to be modernized.

No official word on music, single player, cinematic, etc.

My understanding is PG is working on finishing the Conan "RTS" which is really a Tower Defense game. News doesn't come out too often from them.

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