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# 1Nephyrex Mar 4 2010, 18:14 PM
Hey folks. Completely new to gamereplays.com but this place looks great. I feel like a dwarf about to set out on an adventure to build a mighty fortress.

Migrated here from the complete !%^& storm happening on the SquareENIX forums in the hope of some rational discussion about SupCom2.

I enjoy long walks on the beach in my Cybran ACU, and watching the sun set over the horizon as the nuke I just launched detonates on top of my enemy commander's base.

*wipes a tear from his bionic ocular implant*

It's the little moments in life you treasure.

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# 2-Sebra Mar 4 2010, 18:19 PM
Haha, it is great to have you here! Welcome smile.gif

I take it, you're playing Cybran?

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# 3Nephyrex Mar 4 2010, 18:30 PM
I occasionally dabble in some Illuminate gameplay, but so far I'm rock-solid with the Cybrans.

I just can't get used to not having long range artillery as the Illuminate, or not having a navy. I tried the UEF - they're alright - but I like the Cybrans better. Plus, since all my ships can be upgraded to walk over land, I don't really even need to build land units at all except on maps with no water.

Not that I generally build a lot of units. I'm a turtle freak. I loves me some strong base defense. I like to sit back and turn my base into a fortress, build a couple nuke defense silos, and then several rows of long range artillery. Eventually I go for nukes. The only problem is on big maps with lots of expansions, I tend to have to force myself to build lots of military units because move engineers so slow. That or I just build a bunch of engineers and a few air factories right away churning out air transports to ferry them around. Problem with that though is that in multiplayer, people rush like crazy so that hardly ever works.

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# 4Polynomial Mar 4 2010, 20:20 PM
Howdy Nephyrex.

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# 5Katzenkrimis Mar 4 2010, 20:44 PM
Welcome, Cybranator.

I expect to have nothing but problems trying to crack your fortress. : ) I'll look forward to it.

I like Cybran too. Because they look cool. But i've chosen to learn UEF. I usually choose the underdog faction or the coolest looking faction. But this time I'm going mainstream.

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# 6Nephyrex Mar 4 2010, 22:22 PM
The trick to playing defensively with the Cybrans is actually not to rely on base structures more than is necessary.

With the UEF you have those awesome light artillery cannons that you can upgrade with rails and anti-air. Let me tell you, whenever I get my basic point-defense-cannons up in front under shield generators with a half-dozen of those light arty cannons behind them all firing in quick succession.. I basically 'gasm every time something attacks me.

Especially if you build ANOTHER row of heavy arty cannons behind -that-. Oooohh dear.

In fact, because of how absolutely awesome the UEF base defenses are, I've pretty much given up on the Illuminate as of this posting. I've been playing them all day trying to give them a chance, but I just can't get into them for some reason.

Also, for Cybran turtling, what I do is build a lot of 'fire teams' of a certain type of unit and set them on patrols. My base is like something out of a cyberpunk fantasy novel, and the only thing missing are the searchlights panning back and forth under the clouds in the distance as you approach it from the horizon.

You just see all these robot fire teams patroling around constantly, gunship teams circling back and forth - base bristling with cannons and shields. Deep inside, I'm building like, five nuke silos at once, or a ton of long range artillery cannons. Or a bunch of MECHA GODZILLAS.

... Or BRAINS.

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