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Opposing Fronts Gridkeys!

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# 11eyedking Sep 2 2007, 20:15 PM
UPDATED!! Grab the newest Gridkeys on page 8!

What follows is a an old post...
-= Presenting Beta Grid Hotkeys =-

IPB Image
The Grid Hotkey System.

Though I know there are more pressing matters to attend to right now (bugs & balance), I believe that amidst such issues, the concern about hotkeys remains an important one since many players live and die by them.

Even though vCoH was partially benevolent to the grid system (only wire/sandbag building icons were shuffled, but they didn't much bother anyone), CoH OF Beta is a sea of inconsistencies, with a plethora of misplaced icons that don't quite benefit the spirit of a grid hotkey system. Although this problem was present in Warcraft III, the game hotkey engine was very flexible and a quick trip to the CustomKeys.txt file allowed everything to be reconfigured to the player's want. This isn't so with CoH, where hotkey editing is a much more clumsy task, and patching is a real pain to custom key users.

Therefore, I'd like to ask Relic if they could, in the following beta patches, fix these inconsistencies and relocate the default hotkey icon locations in lieu of a more consistent layout smile.gif . I am very sure many other CoH players would be very grateful of a such a change, given the fact that distributing the default icons is probably a painless change to program.

To make some lives easier, I'm including this list of inconsistencies I found (I may not have been very thorough):
  • Build radio button (Sappers have it on F, other soldiers on A)
  • What is common_ability (binded to letter "O")
  • Bren Carrier Self Repair Button (on X instead of S/D)
  • Booby traps buttons (Kettengrad vs. Soldiers)
  • Repair buttons (PE have them on S location instead of D)
  • Camouflage & Hold Fire buttons (camouflage seem misplaced)
  • Luftwaffe ground Build Guns buttons (inconsistent with Sandbags & Wires)
  • Truck Advanced bulding button is on grind place A instead of S
  • Wires & Sandbags buttons (carried over from vCoH)
  • Sapper emplacements buttons
  • Mortar/Howitzer Barrage Types buttons (Royal Artillery Doctrine)
  • Churchill Mortar Barrage (minor consistency: should be on Z instead of X)
Mind you, the hotkey layout I've done, thus, isn't as optimized as it could be. You'll find some hotkeys replaced by the nearest empty (or not) grid icon, so check before using the hotkey of an ability you'd think is in the correct place.

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