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Rise of the Witch King

Top 20 all time best RotWK players

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# 361fischiii Sep 7 2010, 22:48 PM
fact is that the competition of rotwk (skill) is totally different and easier between bfme1 / 2...i played rotwk a little bit and this game is faster and much more imbalance as the other
ones. I can remind only 2-3 Clans where really good with player skills (like barca or real) wink.gif
for example: JR (at the active times with Juan / Relatine and so on) was like Barca against Lecce or what ever. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif...only 1-2 teams were able to beat them in some matches.
In bfme2 Juan was like a totally mid / low skiller (gamer) at our active times. Nothing against u juan but easy points in bfme2 and in rotwk u are a legend.So if you only want to make a ranking for rotwk i would like to say 1st place goes to Juan. 2nd.Aikido 3rd.Avatar rest ist fucking wayne biggrin.gif

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# 362Brice` Dec 5 2010, 16:15 PM
Khatiam and Bobby <3

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