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Heroes of Newerth

Update - Jan 9th

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# 1iNsania Jan 9 2012, 21:42 PM
Hey guys!

Just wanted to give you all an update as for where we're right now, I'm currently checking applications on a daily basis and so you know you're not forgotten! On thursday or Friday, most probably thursday, I'll start the initial match-ups and if you have any mentor requests that you'd specifically want please send me a PM or make a post in this thread. Ofcourse if you aren't satisfied with the mentor which you've been given you can change at any time but make sure to tell me and you're mentor as well as the mentor you are changing to so that we are aware of everything that's going on.

So we're probably going to start the actual mentoring on Sunday or monday (most probably sunday though). I'll go through a couple of the ideas that we had in mind and hopefully we can exchange ideas and if you have any requests feel free to make them and I'll try to put them into our schedule. Hopefully we can have a big meeting with all the mentees and mentors online.

~ iNsania

EDIT: Apparently I can't spell my own nick

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