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Company of Heroes

2 vs 2 Thirteenth Year Anniversary Tournament

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# 1dukejason Sep 14 2019, 18:09 PM
Game & Region: [World-Wide]International
Date & Time:Saturday, October 12th 2019 8:00 AM EDT
Format: 2v2


Teams: Vanilla teams only

Mod: No Mods

Starting Location: Random

Game type: 2 vs 2 vp

Win Condition: Victory Point

Teams: Arranged

Note on Schedule:


Opening rounds: Single elimination

Quarters and semi: Best of 3

Finals : Best out of 3


NEW RULE {CRITICAL} For coh 1 Battlefy Victory point tournaments

Referee will flip coin for faction, loser will pick map. These steps will be used for round 1 and 2. For round 3 the team with the victory point lead from game 1 and 2 will have faction choice. Coin will be flipped for map choice. For best out of 5 repeat steps for games 1 and 2. All winners must report victory point total in Battlefy chat for the round.​​


Teams must check-in before the start of the tournament in order to participate

Check-in will open 30 minutes before tournament start time

Only checked-in players will be seeded into the tournament bracket.


Once paired with an opponent, both teams are required to check-in for their match on Battlefy. Once one team checks in, their opponent will have 15 minutes to also check-in or they will automatically forfeit the match. Once both teams have checked in, they are required to use the PRIVATE CHAT feed located on their Match page to communicate with their opponent and set up the match. Once the match is ready to start, one or both players MUST report in the PRIVATE CHAT feed that their match has begun.


After each match, winning captains are required to post replay on official forum and report their team's score on their match page. Any disputes will be handled by a Tournament Moderator who may require a replay of the match for review. The Tournament Moderator has final say regarding all match disputes. All winning teams must submit there replays before reporting score in this thread:

Please include round and match number information. If you are creating a first time Relic account for our forum, you will be rewarded with 30k ingame supply. Please note if you already have an account with COH 2 or any other Relic franchise forum you will not be eligible. We the Administrators of this tournament reserve the right to change or add any rule at any time during this tournament at our discretion.

Official Broadcast: Twitch.tv/dukejason


1st place team: Franchise Edition of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War.

2nd place team:Franchise Edition of Company of Heroes.

3rd place team:Company of Heroes 2.

There will be Company of Heroes 2 Giveaways in live stream.

This is the link to Registration: Battlefy Registration

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