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Benchmarks for Overwatch

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# 1Diploid Feb 12 2016, 11:37 AM
Hi all,

I was searching the Internet for good reads on benchmarks for Overwatch and came across this article. The article is a good referral for people wondering which framerate their card can attain. It covers 1080 and 1440p (as well as 4K) on various high-end graphics settings.

A friend asked me what benchmarks he'll reach when a nVidia GTX 970 is installed: Maybe this answer will be useful to all wanting to upgrade to a GTX 970 or to those are already have a 970 installed and want to know what the benchmarks are.

Assuming you'll be playing on Ultra 1080p, the GTX970 can reach average rates of 139, with lower end deviations of 106-102. So, you're guaranteed over 100 frames.

When playing on Epic 1080p, the performance obviously drops a bit, to 82-98 fps.

Note: the Overwatch framerate is capped at your monitor's refresh rate +10 Hz. So, if you're playing on a 60 or 120 Hz monitor, you won't reach 144 Hz (I'm sure you knew that already).

Playing on high or medium will almost certainly net you 144 Hz with a GTX 970.

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