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Posted by: GBHmichael May 31 2020, 12:59 PM

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The wait is almost up! The 1.12.8 version of Red Alert 3 will be ready and released very shortly. To help us speed up the testing process and to give you early access to the all important changes, we're making the latest test maps (V7) available to the public! We will update this thread with any new versions as they become available. If you see someone playing a later version, make sure to check back here!

Among a long list of game-changing bug fixes, some of the highlights are:

1. You can no longer drop Tengus or VXs on buildings.
2. Aircraft Carriers' infinite range blackout missile bug has been fixed.
3. Fixed a bug which made Tengus and VXs self-transform without an apparent command.
4. Fixed 2 exploits which can cause the game to crash.

A full changelog will be released with the final version.

Getting the maps is really simple. Simply click the button below and it will take you to the to help you get started.

What this means is, there is no reason to play 1.12.6 anymore (Or especially 1.12). If you see anyone living in the past, make sure to send them this way and get them playing RA3 the way RA3 should be played.

Once we're finished with the testing, we will then do the necessary setup to make sure that playing this patch contributes towards ladder ranking. Now I know this is something that a lot of you have been asking and waiting for. Don't worry, you won't be waiting much longer.

What are you waiting for? Download and play now!

Please note, this is just a test version of the maps, NOT the final version, so we are expecting to find a few kinks. If you do find anything that looks like it could be a bug, don't hesitate in letting us know. We've created a dedicated thread for all of the bugs you find. We will make a note of all of the issues raised, but will only now fix issues related to changes made for 1.12.8. The rest will go into the pipeline for the next version.

Posted by: psychoturtle Oct 26 2020, 01:01 AM

Anywhere where I can see the all of the Patch 1.12.1-7 notes?

Posted by: Constable Chris Oct 26 2020, 10:27 AM

We only started introducing actual changes like bug fixes and visual improvements in 1.12.4. Anything before that were mostly map fixes with no actual changes to gameplay.

You can view the 1.12.4/5/6 changes here:

1.12.7 Does not exist. As the current 1.12.6 maps have a bug where they display 1.12.7 duplicates (which are not playable), we decided to skip to 1.12.8 to avoid any confusion.

Posted by: Cheemingwan1234 Nov 7 2020, 04:57 AM

Any updates on 1.12.8? i wish you luck.

Posted by: Constable Chris Nov 7 2020, 15:24 PM

One more final beta (V7) is set to be released soon. Since we did discover some critical bugs in the previous betas, it is important to iron them out before the final release. So 1 more beta left and then we should be ready (Assuming we did not find any issues in V7).

Posted by: JulzzZ Dec 2 2020, 09:47 AM

Still no terror drones being unable to force fire ground! tongue.gif

Posted by: Constable Chris Dec 2 2020, 10:37 AM

I can understand how some people might think this is a bug/exploit, but let me explain why it's not.
If a certain weapon should require the player to select a target, it would have been specified in the code, which in the case of terror drones is not.

Therefore, according to this, terror drones are allowed to force fire on anything. This has actually been discussed numerous times in the past and it seems like a very sensitive issue, so we decided to leave it as is, and since the code supports the claim that this is not a bug, it would make sense to avoid changing it.

Posted by: psychoturtle Dec 2 2020, 15:57 PM

QUOTE(JulzzZ @ Dec 2 2020, 10:47 AM) *

Still no terror drones being unable to force fire ground! tongue.gif

we compensate with the VX force fire on WF if you know what I mean wink.gif

Posted by: cwedvin Dec 4 2020, 22:34 PM

QUOTE(psychoturtle @ Dec 2 2020, 15:57 PM) *

we compensate with the VX force fire on WF if you know what I mean wink.gif

I actually find this funny. biggrin.gif

Posted by: cwedvin Dec 4 2020, 22:34 PM

QUOTE(psychoturtle @ Dec 2 2020, 15:57 PM) *

we compensate with the VX force fire on WF if you know what I mean wink.gif


Posted by: Khay_ Jan 25 2021, 22:12 PM

Will we get fix for striker VX's shooting bug too?

Posted by: Constable Chris Jan 26 2021, 08:55 AM

There are 2 issues we fixed with Striker VXs.

The first one is the instance where sometimes they do not fire 1 last rocket that will finish off their target. This fix was introduced since 1.12.4/5 I believe.

The second fix that will be introduced in 1.12.8 will be the bug where buildings block the line of sight of chopper VXs.

If you are referring to something other than this, please elaborate some more so we can investigate in later versions.

Posted by: Khay_ Jan 26 2021, 10:31 AM

I just rechecked and realized i did my tests on non-patched maps. Sorry! smile.gif When i try it on patched ones, its no longer present. Lovely work, thanks wink.gif

Posted by: Constable Chris Mar 2 2021, 00:23 AM

V7 has been released. Download link updated. All issues found in V6 have been fixed. We also made tons of graphical reversions so that this version looks almost exactly like the original in terms of visuals + Various other improvements.

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