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# 1xFactor Oct 19 2007, 03:10 AM
[h1]Mega Map[/h1]

Today we'll discuss the Tactical use of the MegaMap aka "Battlefield Overview". This feature allows you to see the entire battlefield on a different screen in real time and help alter your deployment zone on the move to adjust to the changing fronts. This screen can get you very imaginative & feels like your in the commanders seat of the whole battle situation. But this feature is even more useful than what it seems. When your on the normal screen, you'll see your units fly or roll through the opposing enemy from a ground level type of view.

IPB Image

It would be, but we as humans adapt, a very difficult position & coordinates placement for you to make the most decisive blow. But switched to the Megamap, you'll see the battlefield from a bird's eye view. You will see the devastated fronts, not graphic wise, but aerial wise, from unit icons & locations. You can immediately see what unit you or your allies are up against instead of a red square icons roaming around getting blocked by buildings. You can make quick alterations to your drop-zone & also counter any units the enemy makes in your line of sight.

Bringing me to that, you can also watch the fog-of-war disappear while your units, or allies enter a certain territory, with the yellow-white outline bordering it's line of sight. This is a MUST use, pro or noob alike can get to have this rubbed on him/herself. So use it wisely all & enjoy gaming!

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