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Battle for Middle Earth

The truth about SC2

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# 1Val` Jun 23 2010, 20:29 PM
Hello there my fellow shitsmearers, long time no see

I heard from a so called pro SC1 player that the old development team that did SC and some of WC, got fired and replaced with people from EA

Now, lets just make something 100% clear here. When I read this, at first, my mind struggled to comprehend Blizzard and EA being in the same sentence. For a while there I considered the fact that perhaps my screen was playing up and someone had hacked my pc.

However, after hours of starting blankly into space, it came to me that the only time these two names should be in the same sentence is when comparing shittest developer to worlds best.

So I ran with that.

Few days later I re-read it and it suddenly hit me that the very thought of having even a fucking EA person enter Blizzard HQ, could cause an epileptic breakdown, aswell as tectonic plates being shattered out of position.

So I did my research and found its true.

And thats why Korea made SC2 18+ so that Blizzard would get less sales, as payback for how epically shitastic the game is.

They may aswell grab their shitsmearing CNC cow brander and meld that logo on the SC2 box, coz thats about how micro intensive this game is going to be.

After all these years of amazing games, I never thought Blizzard would go so low. But alas, all good things come to an end.

Lets just hope they dont do the same thing with Diablo 3 and the new MMO in design.


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# 2Boss^ Jun 24 2010, 07:20 AM

Nice to see you back here m8 long time i dont see any good RTS game

after BFME & BFME 2 no to much good game as RA3 sux and C&C3 same too

i wish we see good RTS soon


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# 3Segway Jun 25 2010, 18:29 PM
I always loved your posts and still do. biggrin.gif

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# 4Wayward Son Jul 13 2010, 01:09 AM
Thanks for the report!

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# 5Mavs Aug 5 2010, 06:40 AM
That post is way too long for me to read, considering it's about starcraft...

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