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2v2 Qm cheating

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# 1MythvMight Nov 4 2017, 22:06 PM
Hey guys,

I was playing 2v2 Qm tonight and I had some great form going 3-1 but it was closer to 4 straight wins.

In the 5th game we drew on the map Eymn Muli and it featured myself and MERG1N vrs Earendil and RPO.
We were playing the game and it seemed to be ok at the start however after my first horse rush I noticed Mordor had a bugged blue furnace in his base and my horses were not responding properly.

By my second rush I had noticed that in my own base after my first notice of the Mordor bug that a farm bug had happened which was switched backwards and which may of been attached to one of my units. At this point I was requesting we replay because the game was violated as bugged.

Orange and RPO were completely happy for the game to count in this situation and I have no idea why they would but they later said that it was me at fault and by their own rules decided to record the bugged game.

RPO offered me a rehost of the game which he said would be on 'his host' when myself and MERG1N were the team host in the first instance and by that time I lost my temper somewhat.

These guys are cheating and being extremely unfair! The evidence is clear and I will beat them fairly if I am offered a rematch on my team host.

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# 2Earendil Nov 4 2017, 23:16 PM
I've seen a free farm for you and a bug tower for RPO which doesn't even shoot.
In mid game this is no "evidence" to rematch a whole game.

From my point of view there is no cheat or advantage for us.

But IlPrincipino willl look over it.

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# 3IlPrincipino Nov 5 2017, 16:21 PM
I watched the game. Sorry Sam, but there is no cheating here. If anything, your bugged farm gave you an economical advantage since you got it for free. And mordor didn't have a bugged furnace, at least what I could tell from the replay. I think your horses just got stuck in between buildings for a second and it hardly had an impact on the game anyway.

I don't know why you keep doing this Sam, you really need to try to see things objectively. I'm saying this because you had the upper hand in this game; better match-up and better early game performance. What lost you this game was poor play from Isen and no mapcontrol after early-game. I think it's just a mental thing; just relax when playing and don't get bothered by a minor bug that don't even affect the game (in this case at least). Your gameplay always goes downhill when you act like this, and you're shooting yourself (and your teammate) in the foot for no reason.

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# 4MythvMight Nov 5 2017, 17:27 PM

Firstly Mordor had a bugged furn and a bugged tower, that and is why my units got stuck because they were either attached to my bug farm or could not attack the bugged buildings in the Mordor base.

Sorry but your wrong, my units did not command properly because the game was BUGGED!

You can't seem to understand that and now suggest that bugged games can be played fairly?
On 103 bugged games would be voided so who are you to say otherwise.

Oh well I guess you guys make up the rules as you go along.

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# 5RP0 Nov 5 2017, 17:56 PM
Sam is absolutely on point here. We are all mistaken and things sure arent as we seem to be convinced they are. I say lets re on his host until he wins!

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# 6MythvMight Nov 5 2017, 18:05 PM
Well RPO offered me a re on his host so to suggest re on my host if I win or not would be fair.

It's not even funny, Pino is such a poor admin. Me and Ex used to play and he would storm out of games and called us names and all sorts and on this occasion I was not arguing with my team m8. I was suggesting the BUGGED GAME was making it a handicap. i.e if I can't attack blue buildings in Mordor.

At least I know where my loyalties because they arn't with you guys.

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# 7korund Nov 7 2017, 01:00 AM
Sam - you talk too much ! play not much . but the ability to talk - you are a champion . women and you really like it ! you're not afraid of what you can grow Boobs ? managed to increase hips and buttocks ? be careful ! be a man !

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# 8MythvMight Nov 17 2017, 16:12 PM
Your a weirdo and I can only imagine that your fat with boobs yourself because that is all you ever talk about.
I have no time for you on this game and you are blocked on game replays from now on.

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