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CNC Zero Hour

THEBOOGEYMAN - Point Pushing - Confirmed

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# 1Leikeze Jun 28 2019, 01:00 AM
GenTool Uploads

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This post has been edited by Peralva: Jul 9 2019, 04:20 AM

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# 2Peralva Jun 30 2019, 00:57 AM
Eventhough most of the matches vs warmachine93 were not uploaded on Gentool, the ones that were recorded are enough to show that they played them only to climb the ladder. Plus sharing the same IP address doesn't help them/him.

Check http://www.shatabrick.com/cco/zh/index.php...ck=warmachine93

Therefore, this accusation is valid and I give him three clear days to explain his actions here or at Revora. If he doesn't provide a good explanation a penalty may be imposed.

Since today is the last day of the month and hes #1 on ladder, I am reseting his points right now.

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Attached File 05_06_28_1v1_warmachi_THEBOOGE.rep
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warmachine93 0
Attached File 02_59_11_1v1_THEBOOGE_warmachi.rep
Size: 5.44k
Number of downloads: 8
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warmachine93 0

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# 3Phoenix- Jul 5 2019, 21:48 PM

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# 4Peralva Jul 9 2019, 04:19 AM
No explanation were given, therefore this is confirmed.

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# 5ToxicShock Jul 9 2019, 14:42 PM
This is certainly systematic. I will ladder ban this player (and warmachine93, who appears to belong to the same user) until after 1 September 2019.

I will also be banning a number of further duplicate accounts that Peralva has found, namely


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