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Supreme Commander 2

hiya :)

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# 1the_big_boss_fish Mar 3 2010, 18:56 PM
im kinda new to this entire online gaming thing, and advanced strategies confuse the heck out of me, so thought id some here and see if i can pick up anything before SupCom2 comes out on friday (pre-ordered on Steam) i have played FA, and hopefully the fact that i could only just beat a pair of 'Normal' AIs in skirmish pays tribute to how bad my RTS skills are tongue.gif

anyways, hi smile.gif

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# 2Peacebreaker Mar 3 2010, 22:31 PM
Just try new things without being afraid of loosing and you will get better!

And welcome, as you can see by my post count, i am a veteran here! ;P

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# 3Katzenkrimis Mar 4 2010, 20:33 PM
hey that's cool! welcome.

you'll learn a lot here. watching replays is the best way to learn and improve. doesn't matter how good or bad you are. just stay positive and try and have fun.

note about watching replays: the game doesn't currently have the features such as watching the resources income and tech trees choices, but it will soon enough. so hang in there and enjoy. : )

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# 4-Sebra Mar 5 2010, 15:37 PM
Hey! smile.gif
Yeah, replays are the key. Soon there will also be lots of VoDs, Strategy Guides, Tips, etc that will help you smile.gif

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# 5Emblis Mar 5 2010, 21:37 PM
Aye, I have been talking with Cooldplay- and We are playing allot against eatch others. I will save the good ones and maybe we can get a replay pack up or something smile.gif

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