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# 1Kodiakk Jun 21 2010, 23:55 PM
QUOTE(Mvrphy @ Jun 16 2010, 19:08 PM) *

Meh, sorry to be "that guy" and all but these strategy guides aren't really explaining much at all, they're merely giving out stats and common knowledge, this one didn't even go into C4 or anything, I know I'm gonna get the, "If you think you can do better" speech, but I really think that these strategy guides should be somthing like;
Valapariso Rush Guide
Stage one
equipment at deployment
flanking routes
bomb locations (in collapsable buildings, hard to get to, easily defended, etcetera)
common hot spots
and so on through the stages, I don't know the frequency new guides need to be produced, or your specific amount of free time, but still.

I think that the strategy guides are lacking in two things, useful information, and depth, players frankly don't really care much about the exact weapon specs, a turn in the right direction would definetly be doing map guides for specfic gamemodes (ex. above) this is what players want to see, best attack routes, common tactics on certain maps, In rush, if an objective building is destructable, and if so how hard is it to take down, etcetera.

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# 2William Judd Jun 25 2010, 02:30 AM
I agree. We are working on some guides which are more along these lines. If you'd like to work alongside us, please don't hesitate to apply to be a strategy specialist.


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