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Blizzard Announces 1.6 Million Dollar Prize Pool For World Championship Series 2013

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# 1Immortal^ Apr 4 2013, 22:38 PM
Blizzard Entertainment has announced their 2013 SCII World Championship Series and its going to be something special! With a 1.6 Million Prize Pool for Players throughout the year, the WCS will be broken up into three seasons, each with their own regional and seasonal finals.

The regional aspect is coming in to play as the WCS will have three distinct regions: Europe, North America, and South Korea. Every region will be controlled by a separate affiliate of Blizzard Entertainment. North America will be covered and organized by Major League Gaming, Europe will be covered and organized by Turtle Entertainments Electronic Sports League, and South Korea will be handled through a partnership between GOMTV and OnGameNet.

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The three seasons occurring in all three regions will all pool into a Global Player Ranking System, which will track the points of those in the respective seasons, bringing the top 16 players to the Blizzcon Global Finals to vie for the spot of SCII World Champion.

Blizzards CEO, Mike Morhaime spoke about the upcoming WCS, saying...

"I think we just look at the whole ecosystem and recognize that it could be a whole lot easier to understand", Blizzard Entertainment CEO Mike Morhaime told GameSpot. "There are scheduling conflicts that make players have to make difficult decisions where sometimes you don't get people playing in the tournaments they think they should be playing in. It's very hard to follow, to really know what the relative importance of winning various things are. I think it really falls to us, to Blizzard, we're really the only company in position to work with everybody, to help create a single storyline in the ecosystem."Source: Gamespot

For us in the west, all the games will be available for free, year round, on Twitch.TV!

This is huge news for all of us SCII fans and a very apt statement to all those up and comers in the e-Sports scene, telling them who to look up to when it comes to competitive gaming!

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# 2Crazio Mar 29 2014, 08:32 AM
These championships always get me waaayy exited biggrin.gif. I love the games, especially with high prize pools like these. eople are really trying.

And I love the way how blizzard keeps this game going smile.gif

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