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Supreme Commander 360 Release

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# 1Supertribe Jun 28 2008, 12:45 PM
"Our new baby will be in stores June 23," the publisher announced.

Gas Powered Game's latest production; Supreme Commander 360 has finally hit the stores of North America. If the name didn't slyly hint at the platform, the game is for Microsoft's 'baby' the Xbox 360.

The game itself is very much alike what you may have experience in the original Supreme Commander; it excludes most components the from the well-received Forged Alliance expansion pack, but obviously the team didn't work on just a port, a variety of new mechanics, some UI-based to compensate for the lack of a mouse, some not. The majority of them being there to help the 360 perform smoothly with Supreme Commander's nonpareil scale.

Aircraft refueling shows a good illustration - the refuel time of aircraft has been drastically reduced in order to lower micromanagement. The unit cap cannot exceed 500 in any circumstances, the UI has had an intensive clean up to make things ever so smoother on the console, and a trio of original units (UEF' Anti-Artillery T3 shield, Cybran' T1 Sleeper Sub and Aeon's T1 stationary Artillery) have been included along with several Forged Alliance updates (including the extreme improvement of T2 bombers).

Lastly, 2 new game modes have been included, these being King Of The Hill and Command Point. The former is very much self-explanatory - you take of a non-construction zoned hill with units and you earn points towards winning the game, the amount depending on the quantity holding the hill. The latter consists of numerous base points around the map which the map must control with his units and use construction units to build these points.

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# 2garbage203 Jul 23 2008, 19:40 PM
Best RTS to console yet but... I am having troubles with online play. I love playing the game. But each time I play an online game it freezes and says people got disconnected. The opponents say I disconnected. When it isnt frozen anymore the game ends and says victory. I havent finished one batle yet and I got the game the day it came out. The game is starting to look better as a frisbee.lol. Anyone out there that can help me? VeryFunny.gif

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