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2v2 Guide - Tournament LAke GLA & China

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# 1Basel May 9 2007, 17:52 PM
Tournament Lake

Guide for China on Tourmanet lake

Tournament lake, a map that is almost forgotten like other maps when its one of the best 2v2 map in Command Conquer Generals.
This map gott so meny strat that you can make and in same time it got alot of money.

In this guide i will talk about:
-Build order

Faction : China
Dual War factory

China vs China

Going dual war factory on tourmanent lake is sometimes a bit risky but it depends on what plan you got. From what i seen from the past 2 years in tournaments and in for fun games its that the the second warfactory was placed on the flank at the hill like this:
Attached Image

From your flank war factory you should send flamers to your enemy base from the behind and dont forget you need two supplys to make it. If you gott problems placing your warfactory at the top and you realy want to make a flank warfactory then i suggest you try to make your war factory between your two enemy base at this spot

Attached Image
and then send flamers to both bases of your enemy and that will make alot of damage becuse your enemy wouldnt expect it.

Build a second dozer and whit your first dozer build power. Your second dozer send it on the hils down the flank until you reach between your enemy base. When you reached the dozer between enemy base you should have already made a supply and a war factory at your main base.
At the flank build 2 flamers and send one left and one right (one for eatch enemy base) then when you got money make fast your second supply and i am 80% sure that he will struggel in his base for long time if your flamer succeed flaming his base and in the same time you would have helped your teammate alot and made it like 2v1 game.
IF he see your warfactory or your dozer then it will be hard to make it ^^ but i am sure that ur dozer will be between enemy base before he getts his first gatts that he sends at the hill and like i said 80% that you will succeed flaming the base. "its a risky strat but effective"

Taking oils strat

Taking the oils on Tournament Lake is the most normal strat and most secure strat. Goeing for oils can open for you meny other strategies like when you succeesfully taken the oils you can gatt + infantry spam or you can go dual warfactory and spam battlemaster + gatts + infantry and overrun him. This strat is the strat that will give you the biggest fight in the game becuse your enemy might be going on same strat as you and he will not let you take the oils so easy. If you deside that you want to spam gatts+ infantry i suggest that you try 2 make a bunker at the oils for securing the oils and dont forgett the flanks. and dont forget after taking the oils doing second supply and war factory.

Build order

gatt + infantry

Build a second dozer and whit your first dozer build power. Your second dozer send it to the oils at front of you. Make a barak and whit your first dozer make a supply then make a war factory and then same time you build 2 redguard (gives you 4 redguard) and two tank hunters then the oil capture upgrade first redguard team send up the hils to the oil at the lake and the second readguard team for the oils infront of you. Make a bunker and then put the redguard and one tank hunter in the bunker wile you getting the capture upgrade because it will kill the enemy redguard that is coming and it will stop the gatt that might be coming. and try to get some gatts fast.When you captured the oils make your second supply and then make your second warfactory and then its up to you if you make it or not after taking the oils and making everything i stated.

Attached Image
Attached Image
The only strat that realy can kill your strat is if he was planing on goeing gatt + infantry rush vs you when he makes 2 supplys and you gott only 1.

China VS GLA

Playing vs Gla on this map is sometimes very hard. When you play as china vs gla and you dont take the oils you will lose.
so try always take the oils and micro your unites good when you attack him and flank him all the time.
Build order

gatt + infantry

Build a second dozer and whit your first dozer build power. your second dozer send it to the oils at front of you make a barak spam some men and redguard and try killing his tunnels before its up. The dual tunnels at front will sometimes look like this
Attached Image
make a war factory and send flamers at the hills and kill his tunnel that might getting builded at this point
Attached Image
at the hills or his second supply . Get some mixed unites like 1 flamer + 2 gatts + Troop crawler and some tank hunters and force the middel and kill his tunnels and always try to not letting him capture the oils and when you forced the middel take the oils make more baraks and spam him out.
IF Gla takes the oil at start you will have big problems making it and dont make the mistakes sending all the time some unites at the time try to gett a good mix and and always try to flank him. If your gatt + infantry spam didnt work then u need to gett migz and make propeganda center fast and make some overlord and you will make it. Watch out at the start for dozer hunt.

Try to finnish gla fast or gla will gett very powerfull when he start bombtruckspam you and when he gott jerman kell and meny scorps ^^

Flank war factory

You can always try some risky strat on Tournament lake like i talked about when you play china vs china.
Getting a sneaky warfactory at the flank and spaming him flamers will kill the gla constatly but like i said its a risky strat and it wont teach you enything.
China VS Usa

Playing China vs Usa here on this map is sometimes pretty easy. You have to watch out for drops at start and like vs gla you need to take the oils. Taking the oils will kill usa pretty fast but most of the times on this map if u play vs usa the usa player will try to double your teammate and make a patriot in his base and that can kill your m8 pretty fast and it will be like 2v1 game becuse you will not have time 2 kill both same time and that will make usa players teammate pretty big and you lost it.
Its not always they drop you whit dozer and makes patriot. Sometimes they just drop you whit rax and kills your trucks and dozers.
If usa takes the oils on this map you will have hard time making it becuse the map gott alot of money and usa will have meny unites.
Flanking usa on this map whit flamers + gatts and infantry is important. As u can see on the map there is some towers that usa will garrison and that can give you hard time if you dont attack him whit a good mix of unites.

Build order

Build a second dozer and whit your first dozer build power. Your second dozer make a fast barak and make then two redguard team (4 redguard you will gett out) and then make some tank hunters. Make war factory and send some gatts first to the middel and then some on the flank and try to sneak behind Usa players base. Make a second barak at the middel and make tank hunters and gatts from your warfactory and push him back wile you take the oils. After you taken the oils go dual warfactory and try to make that warfactory at the flank top beside your supply and make more baraks and spam him. Build your warfactory + barak something like this:

Attached Image

that will give usa hard time. If your gatt + infantry spam dosnt work make a propeganda center fast and make migz and kill him and if u gott mutch money and i mean Mutch money then make the nepalm upgrade its very effective vs usa. A lotus can be good for recapturing oils or just taking his building or helping your teammate.

Well that was it ^^.

Hope this small guide can help you playing Tournament lake and dont forgett the buildorder its almost the same on all maps but the strat is that is diffirent

Tournament Lake

Guide for GLA on Tourmanet lake

In this guide i will talk about:
-Build order

Playing GLA on Tournament Lake is one of the funniest to do. The map shape gives gla good chanse to become stronger than china and realy have fun and not feeling that gla cant do enything vs china.

GLA vs China


When playing Gla vs China on Tournament lake there is no more good and secure strat than taking the oils. There are two oils in the middel infront of you when you look North smile.gif and you gott one oil at the hil at the lake. To make it vs china here you need to be fast and try as mutch as you can not letting china take the oils at the start because giving china the money boost that it gets from the oils will probebly kill you in less than 5 minuts. So here we have to think about the strat that will give you atleast the oil money boost at start and then when you get it trying 2 defend the oils so you can overpower china whit money and unites. So here we go whit the Strat.
Taking oils strat

Build order

Star whit your first worker building a barak and build from your main center 5 other workers. Whit the second worker build a supply and the same time your barak will finnish building. Select the barak make two terrorist and two Rebel men for capturing the oils and the capture upgrade. Then make a waypoint to the oils from your barak and in the same time from your main center send 2 workers to the middel and the worker that finnished building the barak send him up the hils. Your supply have now finnished building so make now a Arms Dealer and at the middel at the oils make two tunnels and at the hil make one tunnel and you should make one tunnel at your mane base. When the two Rebel men that gona capute the oils is at the oils the capture upgrade will finnish and take the oils as fast as you can and whit the two terrorist that you sended befor the the Rebel men you will probebly have killed now the Red Guard team that china have sended to kill your tunnel and now you gott two tunnels up. The Arms Dealer is now finnished. Press on the menu where it says Generals Experience Points and make the technical upgrade and from your arms dealer make two technical. When the technical finnished building putt in one of them 4 RPG trooper and the second technical put a worker in it. Send both technical cars via the hils but when you are on the other side of the hils send the technical whit the RPG trooper to the china base and the technical whit the worker put him between both your enemy base and build a tunnel there for sneak attack and a opening if its getting hard to force the middel. Whit the technical cars find the china dozers and when u see the dozer drop two RPG beside it but not so close becuse then he will have time to run over your RPG so keep a bit away and kill the dozer in his base. The second dozer will be at the oils so try to kill it to. Wile all this is happing you should have made a second supply at the top of the hils and made some scorpions and if you got the money the scorpion rocket upgrade that will help you alot vs infantry. Well this moves i stated might not work so you have to always try to adapt to the situation but trust me this is one of the most secure and good strat that you can play whit gla vs china and all other strat are so risky that its not worth doing them if you are a beginner.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image



Well playing Gla vs Gla on Tournament Lake is very hard . Most of the time you and your enemy will go on the same strat here and its taking the oils that will win you your side of the map. This map gott so mutch money for Gla and in late game the player that control most money and spam most scorpions will win the game. If you are a good gla player you can end it at the begining whit great micro and supply harrasment or you going to do a risky strat. The risky strat is going dual war factory and then out spam the enemy whit technical cars killing his supplys and workers and it can work. So now we have to micro our unites and place our buildings on the right spot and ofcorse we need to be fast.
Taking oils strat

Build order

The Build order here is almost the same as vs china. Make a barak at the start and from your main center make 5 workers. Whit the second worker make a supply and and then send two workers to the middel and one worker to the hils. From your barak make this time three Terroist and two Rebel men and the capture upgrade. The terrorist that comes out select them and force fire by holding Ctrl and press on the middel at the oils and that will make the terrorist run faster to the middel so you can kill his terrorist or his tunnels that is going to gett builded at the middel. When you are at the middel select the terroist again and attack the coming unites or the tunnels. Dont let the terrorist keep running becuse when you pressed Ctrl and selected the point to move to, That will make them run until they reach the point where you pressed whit ur mouse and blow up.
Now your supply have finnished make a Arms Dealer and in the middel gett your tunnels up. Take the oils and spam some technical cars and build some terrorist and try to blow up his supply. Always try go via the hils whit your technical cars becuse sending the technical direct straight forward will kill gett them killed. Dont keep spaming terrorist and technical cars because that is very expensive and a campy gla whit mutch defenses will make you not succeed. So when you feel your techical and terrorist building up is not working enymore then start making scorps and gett as fast as you can a second supply. Dont forget making the scorpion rocket upgrade that is important in gla vs gla games.
Dual war factory


I suggest you make this strat when you become sort of good whit gla and if not then you probebly will do it wrong and lose. The idea is that here you wana get your war factory before your enemy do and then overpower your enemy whit tech cars and scorpions. The risky part whit this strat is that your enemy can be a camper that defens mutch and spams meny tunnels and garrison meny building whit RPG. that will kill your technical becuse they are very week vs tunnels and your scorpions will not have a chanse vs garrisoned buildings and same time he would probely taken the oils. But everything is posible and he might be doing same strat as you and then the player that micro best his unites will win the game at start.

Build order

When going dual war factory you dont make eny baraks. The only thing that you make is whit ur first worker you build direct your first supply and from your main center you build 3 other workers. The second worker send him on the hils to the second supply depot. When your supply is done you build 5 workers for collecting money and in the same time you build direct 2 war factory. At this time if your enemy didnt go same strat as you he would probebly like i stated before sended 3 terroist. 2 for the middel and 1 for the hill tunnel or supply in this situation. If you dont wana build your second supply then i suggest you make a barak at your base and take the oils. You have to build one supply then one barak then when your barak is done you make two terrorist and two Rebel men and the capture upgrade and make two war factory and you still will have 1500 money left. This will be a good strat becuse then you will not let your enemy take the oils and you will take them before him and that will make you spam meny unites and kill him mutch faster.If you see him make tunnels at the oils kill the workers that making the tunnel whit the terroist and then whit your technical you can kill the men that gona take the oils becuse in this time you probely can star making cars before his warfactory have reached 50%. I suggest you try both strat and see what strat you feelt was most secure for you or what strat you feelt playing best and you can improve the strat so it fitt you better.
Attached Image
Attached Image



Playing Gla vs Usa on this map can be very hard. The begining of the game is the most important and critical part. If we look at the situation as a Usa player. he will probebly drop you whit rangers at your main supply and then he will have the flashbang upgrade and he will drop your hill tunnel whit dozer and ranger and kill it before it build up. This situation is so critical that can make you lose in the first 3-5 minunts of the game. If he dont drop you whit ranger he can drop your supply whit a paladin and it will be hard to kill it if you dont gott sufficient RPG and terrorist. So now its very importan how we place your buildings and what units we build to stop the usa drop and rush. After the usa player dropped you he can take the oils and then he can start making humviees and missile defender and kill you. If he dont make humviees at the start he will probebly make a airfield and start producing Comanche and then you are in real trouble. Now i gona tell you how to stop the drop and have a sort of chanse to take the oils.

Build order

As i told you before, Placing the building at the right postions is important.
Start building a barak and from your main center make 5 workers. whit your second worker make a supply and whit ur therd worker make a tunnel beside the supply like this.
Attached Image

If you look at the screnshot i took you will see that the tunnel will have the range 2 kill the rangers if he trys 2 drop them at your workers so now that situation is solved ^^. Make from your main barak 3 terroist and make a second tunnel infront of your barak and send two workers for the oils and make two tunnels.
One of the terrorist put him beside your workers becuse if he is trying to drop a paladin then the terrorist will blow it up whit the help of some RPG that will block it in the corner and the terroist running two kill it ^^ .
The other terroist you can kill whit them the ranger at middel that will try to stop you making your tunnels. If you succeed and everything went as planed then you can take the oils. From your war factory make some technical cars and put Some RPG in them and try to dozer hunt him if you can. From your arms dealer make some quad cannons and from your barak make some terrorist and Try to blow up his war factory or his power or supply. Dont let usa gett big or gett money becuse it will give u hard time making it.

There is other strat that you can play vs usa whit gla. That is doing dual barak at start and one warfactory and one supply.. The point is to make some RPG and terrorist and get some technical cars and put the RPG and terorirst in them and try to kill his chinocks that colecting food and his base in almost one attack. This map is bigg and you can come true to his base very easy. What you do that whit your first two workers you make baraks whit them and the third worker making a supply. From your barak spam first some terrorist and make the oil upgrade and then from your second u can make some RPG. Gett your arms dealer up and then gett some technical cars and attack him. Try to kill his dozer and then try to kill his power or war factory. This strat is a bit risky if you get dropped becuse it cost alot of money. You must always have 1 or 2 tunnels in your base when you play vs Usa.
Attached Image

well this was how you can play GLA on Tournament lake. This strat is from my point of view and ofcorse some good people can imrove it more.
hope this guide can help you play.

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