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Suggest a Mission and Win 15k TA Funds! [Contest Closed]

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# 21orangemanja Sep 2 2015, 01:26 AM
Mission suggestions
1.Hold a CIC position of a alliance for atleast 30 days
2.Hold a SIC position of a alliance for atleast 30 days
3.Hold a officer position of an alliance for atleast 30 days
4.Defeat the forgottin fortress mission bonus is a joke you should get like a free TA funds package or something for defeating the fortress along with the badge instead of what they give you as a bonus
5.Fend off a attacker in pvp that started hitting you first.
6.Defeat 15 forgottin bases in one 24 hr period
7.Defeat 15 player bases in one 24 hr period
8.Defeat 10 forgottin bases in one 24hr period
9.Defeat 10 player bases in one 24hr period
10.Be one of the top 50 players to reach 3rd base
11.Reach 1g in rp
12.Reach 1g in credits

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# 22TDPCRVN Sep 8 2015, 14:38 PM
Mission 1: -Join an alliances 0/1
-Have at least 3 members of your alliance participating destroy guardian base 0/3
Mission 2: -Have at least 3 members of your alliance participating destoy all guardian base around a shield control hub 0/3
-Your alliance help control a shield control hub 0/1
I think there must be some missions teamwork

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# 23casmaf Sep 8 2015, 15:51 PM
QUOTE(methuselah @ Aug 12 2015, 14:19 PM) *

My suggestion is targeting to make the the earning of a badge more meaningful and keep players motivated, and to establish a new and more meaningful PvP opportunity. As such, I propose that a player (account) can only participate in 1 hit of the Forgotten Fortress on each world. I would also recommend establishing a PvP specifically for players that have obtained a badge on a world, where they would compete only against other players that have also obtained a badge. This PvP would be played as an individual and would allow players to hold POI's that are also being held by players still pursuing a badge. As motivation for badge winners to participate, achieving a specific predetermined level/score within a predetermined time of gaining a badge could either gain them a special badge or an invitation to participate in a special World Championship at a later date, or both.


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# 24methuselah Sep 10 2015, 20:03 PM
QUOTE(DGA_Sauron @ Aug 25 2015, 04:21 AM) *
"loyalty pays off!"

- Stay 60 days in the same alliance

Reward: All players who are playing 60 days or more in a particular alliance will get an extra 5% attack and defense bonus.

Man I love this one so wub.gif wub.gif As a many time CiC it bothers me to see players alliance hop just looking for a little better bonus. I wish the game had offsets for this to discourage this practice.

Let me check and see how much longer we are going to be taking suggestions, my guess is we're about done here!

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# 25pollovolante Sep 12 2015, 17:02 PM
chi ha in possesso 3poi e li tiene con le sue basi per pi¨' di 2 mesi ottiene extra corrente come bonus diciamo il 20% 30% come extra su tutte le basi per 2 mesi

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# 26DarkRaptor Sep 12 2015, 17:17 PM
Que se realizen misiones diarias:
Como por ejemplo:
-Destruir una cierta cantidad de bases de jugadores. Para incentivar el PVP (Jugador VS Jugador).
-Un bonus por conectarse a diario.
-Destruir Bases olvidadas.
-Destruir una cierta cantidad de campamentos.
Yo opino que seria genial tener estas misiones.
Espero que les gusten mis ideas. Gracias

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# 27rapa73 Sep 13 2015, 10:41 AM
"You are promoted"

- become grade 5 (Reward 1 hrs Repairtime)
- become grade 9 (Reward 2 hrs Repairtime)
- become grade 13 (Reward 4 hrs Repairtime)
- become grade 20 (Reward 8 hrs Repairtime)

on each other grade 1 random Support Pack

"to many tarcitus"

for winning 1 world you get a supply pack - the next world you are starting
for winning 2 worlds you get 2 supply packs - the next world(s) you start
for winning 3 worlds you get 100 cp 30 days extra - the next world(s) you start
for winning 5 worlds you get 2 days more Repairtime for 30 days - the next world(s) you start
for winning a championship server you start after this one world with 120 CP and 18 hrs repairtime

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# 28Du1f Sep 13 2015, 13:16 PM
i'd like to see more defense missions for FA-worlds like

*** win a fight against the forgottens in 3-wave
*** win a fight against the forgottens in 4-wave
*** win a fight against the forgottens in 5-wave
*** stay in 5-wave for 3 days
*** kill a base that has attacked u

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Game: Tiberium Alliances

# 29pollovolante Sep 13 2015, 15:45 PM
mettete delle torrette in giro per il mondo e chi prende la torretta dopo 10 giorni che Ŕ proprietario della torretta pu˛' sferrare attacchi degli ultimi in qualsiasi parte del mondo ( di solito nemici ) con massimo 3 attacchi degli ultimi ogni 5 minuti e per un massimo di 6 attacchi ogni 4 ore!!! vedete come devono alzare le difese tutti e questo significa per tante persone usare molti funds !!! le torrette come al solito partono dal livello 24 fino a un massimo di livello 50 o se volete anche a livello 55 e su queste ci sarÓ battaglia allo stremo in ogni mondo!!! gli attacchi degli ultimi sono uguali al livello della torretta presa per esempio se ho torretta livello 40 faccio attacchi ultimi a livello 40 se ho torretta a livello 50 faccio attacchi ultimi a livello 50 e cosi' via dicendo!!buon game

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# 30waelphd Sep 13 2015, 22:43 PM
[color=#009900][size=6]Reach the 24 level area

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# 31DerbiMike Sep 14 2015, 08:24 AM
Here are my ideas:

*Upgrade all off and def to level 50-55-60...
*Upgrade a silo to level 65...
*Destroy 1000 tiberium/crystal outposts...
*Have all 50 alliance players online in one time...
*Destroy a camp/outpost 10levels higher than your attack level...

Always happy with some extra funds... smile.gif


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Game: Tiberium Alliances

# 32Rikki Nakesone Sep 27 2015, 19:43 PM
I thought of an idea out of nowhere, so I'm not sure it's been done.

I did small examples too, with picture.

I was thinking, a timed mission with a reward

This idea could range from early, to late game as a rare event that you could spot nearby.

I was thinking of a Convoy assault as an optional attack mission with a timelimit to complete it.

On the map it could be like this: IPB Image

The convoy will show as a vehicle, which can be a brand new unit. (I just used that model as an example.)
It will be gridlocked, and will change grid every short while. Say, if it's difficult with high reward, once an hour.

Upon attacking the convoy, the planning phase will open, (similar to the bases and camps but without the metallic outer edges, more "outside")
Basically the same but with obviously more protection to the target. (It will work the same as the construction yard in bases, where if it is destroyed, the rest of the forgotten fall. Or, they can retreat.)

Destroying the target base, the convoy is approaching, will change the route to return to its origins. So if the player needs a little more time, they can stop the mission ending by doing so.

I decided to make some sort of example of this, too: IPB Image

As for the reward, that can be based on the vehicle.

Say, you see a transport with an open top which is green/blue. It can be carrying that specific resource in abundance (of that level)

Or if there are no colours, it can be credits or a "rare research item! Boost to your research!" AKA research points.

I hope you at least like this idea, thanks for reading.

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Game: Tiberium Alliances

# 33DGA_Sauron Oct 1 2015, 21:35 PM

Great work! You clearly thought about with all the picuters wink.gif

I Like the idea but i doubt the devs. are able to make any big gameupgrades in it, although i would like to see some.

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# 34deareis Oct 13 2015, 16:27 PM
hola resistir 10 ataques consecutibos x el enemigo estaria bueno aa estoy en el mundo 4 espa˝ol saludos

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# 35methuselah Oct 24 2015, 15:29 PM
This contest is now closed to further suggestions. I'll recap the suggestions to date, submit them to Envision and announce the winner.


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# 36rumah001 Apr 7 2016, 21:12 PM
Destroy 10 Outpost
Mission Briefing: Commander. Forgotten Outpost will be established around tunnel. They are well defended compared to forgotten camp, but they wield more resources. Destroy 10 Outpost to prove that you're a strong commander.
Mission Reward : 2(x12) Command Point
Set Support
Mission Briefing: Commander. Now you're have Fist of Cane(or Skystrike Support). When any allies was attacked, it will automatically send support to the ally base, but it took some times. Set support to an ally to support it from enemy attack.
Mission Reward: 1:00:00 Repair Time
p.s. This is basically for beginner, because they sometimes missed the important fact that outpost is better to be attacked compared to camps, and about how well the support building can be used.

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# 37ANALiTIK Apr 18 2016, 22:41 PM
may be mission: kill 2full(100%hp before your 1st hit) base withnot use rapair army? add Command Poits 12*N
minimal Offencive Level for qwest = Level Base
you can use few army(from many bases).

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Game: Tiberium Alliances

# 38BrumTheBear May 10 2017, 08:42 AM
Stay in the same Alliance. For every day get ressorces/CP/repair-time and for a week a craft. If the player change alliance the mission has cooldown one week for first change, two for the second change, .....

Kill 10/20/50/100/200/../1000/2000/...../10000/..... forgotten units which attack your base. Rewards science points and/or resorces a/o repair-time

Survive forgotten attacks 1/5/10/... 1 craft/2 crafts/3 crafts/...

Make NAPs, bonus for alliances wake alliances get more than strong.

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